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On November 9, 2017 the final of the project and research presentations «Falling Walls» took place in Berlin (Germany). Talented contestants from all over the world took part in it. Our country was represented by Alexey Burak – a young researcher, a graduate and master student at Polotsk State University. His research work was the best at the national competition.

 The final of the «Falling Walls»

Alexey told about his unique experience of the participation in such a large-scale project and shared his impressions about the trip: «Nowadays the participation in the final of the international competition «Falling Walls» and the defense of my own research results in the international area are the highest tops I could have conquered. Besides, it was the first trip outside Belarus. I expected a lot from the event, but the reality exceeded all my expectations. All days were scheduled. The organizing staff did a very good job!


One hundred contestants represented different countries from all over the world – America, Australia, China, South Africa and many others. The communication and performances were carried out in English – the international language. I didn’t have any troubles with communication in Berlin because I’d had classes with an English tutor before. The jury was represented by a Nobel laureate, a representative from Google X. I wasn’t nervous and performed confidently. Many contestants came to me and shared their impression about my performance. It’s very nice to understand that my own work can be interesting and useful. There were many different topics and performances – someone told about the pollution problems in Africa, considered some machine learning issues. Unfortunately, I’m not among the winners of the competition but I’ve done my best. Agnes Reiner from Austria took the first place. Her research was dedicated to the early detection of ovarian cancer. I’m very glad that medicine has won. Ashwin Charles from Malaysia took the second place for his low-cost method of wastewater treatment. Srilahari Namani from India took the third place with her presentation of a computer-aided method to rapidly identify mosquitoes to prevent diseases transmitted by them.

Alexey Burak

Such events are created for finding like-minded people in science and potential investors. I have established several interesting and perspective contacts and found new friends from China, Turkey, Egypt, Japan, Poland.

Now it’s time to write my Master thesis because soon I’ll have to defend it.

I would like to say all young and talented, but lost people who don’t know what to do that they have to study foreign languages and go to internships, learn how to play a musical instrument, be successful in sport, in life, help parents, to do something good. I’m sure the world will open new unexplored boarders for them.

The participants

I’m very thankful to the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) – «Falling Walls» organizers, in particular, the DAAD lecture at BSU – Susanne Bandau. She helped me in planning and organizing my trip to Berlin. Also I would like to thank my family, my scientific supervisor – Alexander Kozlov, colleagues at work, friends for their support. And, especially, I want to thank Andrey Dubtsov and Mikhail Drozdetsky for their help in preparing my speech for the performance».

Congratulations to Alexey!