Полоцкий государственный университет


On January 19, 2018 the graduation ceremony for young researchers, who successfully completed the program of postgraduate education and finished their study course at Polotsk State University, took place at the University.

The beginning of the year is traditionally one of the most favourable moments to make up plans for the future. This time is not an exception for young people who have completed their postgraduate course.

The postgraduates at Polotsk State University are one of the first university graduates who have actively built to the Bologna process regulations and have completed major and flexible courses according to Tempus Joint Project «New Model of the Third Cycle in Engineering Education Due to Bologna Process in BY, RU, UA” (NETCENG), which is aimed at the development of postgraduate studies in Engineering education.

 D. Glukhov and E. Kremneva with students

During the solemn diploma awarding ceremony Dmitry Glukhov (Vice-Rector for Science) and Elena Kremneva (Head of Postgraduate Department) warmly congratulated all the young researchers.

D.Glukhov,  E.Kremneva

The following postgraduates of Polotsk State University were awarded diplomas of a researcher.:

- in Engineering

  • Anastasia Gushcha;
  • Artur Gil;
  • Natalia Ryabenko.

- in Economics:

  • Viktoriya Vavilonskaya.

- in Philology:

  • Mariya Anisimova;
  • Anastasia Mozgo;
  • Dmitry Labovkin.

Dmitry Glukhov and Anastasia Gushcha

Dmitry Glukhov and Artur Gil

Dmitry Glukhov and Natalia Ryabenko

Dmitry Glukhov and Viktoriya Vavilonskaya

Dmitry Glukhov and Mariya Anisimova

Dmitry Glukhov and Anastasia Mozgo

Dmitry Glukhov and Dmitry Labovkin

After the official part of the event all postgraduates had an opportunity to talk to Dmitry Glukhov (Vice-Rector for Science) in order to discuss the results of young researchers’ activity, plans for their further scientific work, established dissertation deadlines and also considered some issues for young researchers’ adaptation at the labour market.

D.Glukhov and E.Kremneva

We wish our young researchers scientific inspiration and optimism, great and bright ideas, professional and creative growth!