Полоцкий государственный университет


The period from March 1 to March 30, 2018 was the time for VII International online English competition for students following non-linguistic study courses. The mentioned competition aimed at evoking interest to learning English and revealing brainy students for their further participation in other international scientific and educational programs. One more mission was about enhancing collaboration between such institutions as Tomsk Polytechnic University, Polotsk State University and I.P. Shamyakin Mozyr State Pedagogical University.

Initially, it was an event which enabled to reveal students’ English level alongside with that to evaluate technical creativity and unconventional way of thinking.

The number of participants shifted around 150. Those were students visiting Centre for Foreign Languages Study «Universum» at Polotsk State University.

The International online English competition comprised three tours:

  • 1st tour. The lexical-grammatical test was the first task to deal with. The test had a time limit and contained «Use of English» and «Reading, Listening» parts. As a result, there were 20 students left the ones who managed to complete the task.
  • 2nd tour. The next task was to write an essay on a topic. Well, 10 people more have been shortlisted.
  • 3rd tour. At this level, students delivered their video presentations. The purpose was to choose a topic for it being an actual subject area. Moving on, students were to accompany all the material with speaking.

Here we place the competition winners list:

  1. Dmitry Lopatin (Faculty of Mechanics and Technology)
  2. Artem Bogush (Radio Engineering Faculty)
  3. Vyacheslav Kolodynsky (Faculty of Information Technologies)
  4. Vitaly Klimza (Faculty of Information Technologies)
  5. Oleg Yablokov (Faculty of Civil Engineering)
  6. Yury Gass (Faculty of Mechanics and Technology)
  7. Anastasiya Sinkevich (Faculty of Law)
  8. Tatiana Poltorak (Faculty of Finance and Economics)
  9. Elena Kurochkina (Faculty of Civil Engineering)
  10. Alexander Demenok (Radio Engineering Faculty)


According to the results of the third tour, Anastasiya Sinkevich came out on top. Liudmila Anufriyenko was her supervisor.

Anastasiya Sinkevich and Liudmila Anufriyenko

The second place came to Vitaly Klimza supervised by Olga Zhuravskaya. Also, Vitaly was nominated for «The best essay».

Vitaly Klimza and Olga Zhuravskaya

Tatiana Poltorak (supervised by Olga Zhuravskaya) and Yury Gass (supervised by Tatiana Igumnova) became the third.

Tatiana Poltorak and Olga Zhuravskaya

Yury Gass and Tatiana Igumnova

Oleg Yablokov won «The best science presentation» nomination. His work was supervised by Tatiana Igumnova.

Tatiana Poltorak was nominated for vThe best English presentation».

Oleg Yablokov and Tatiana Poltorak

«The best designed presentation» nomination passed to Elena Kurochkina. Her supervisors were Svetlana Matelenok and Valentina Antonova.

Elena Kurochkina and supervisor

To sum up, we want to say we welcome collaboration with Tomsk Polytechnic University and invite everyone wishing to try one`s fortune in the next competition next academic year.