Полоцкий государственный университет


On May 10-11, 2018 Polotsk State University hosted annual Xth Junior Research Conference «European and National Dimension in Research», dedicated to the 50th anniversary of our university.

The participants of the conference

The registration of the participants

Traditionally the conference gathered different scientific representatives. This year our foreign colleagues also paid a visit to PSU to take part in the event: Dr. Császár Mátyás, assistant professor, Department of Private International Law, Faculty of Law, University of Szeged, Hungary; Paweł Urgacz, Director of International Relations Department at University of Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland; and also Fulbright English teaching assistants in Belarus – Victoria Elizabeth Khachaturyan, Jessica Meyerzon and Sidney Karesh.

The plenary session was opened by Yury Golubev, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor at Polotsk State University, who greeted all the participants and guests of the conference and wished them fruitful and interesting work.

Yury Golubev

Dr. Császár Mátyás delivered a speech on Internationalization in Szeged University (Hungary). Paweł Urgacz also presented a report on Internationalization in University of Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland.

Olga Kuchina, Irina Popova, Császár Mátyás and Paweł Urgacz

Császár Mátyás delivered a speech

The plenary session was followed by Alexey Burak’s report on Solving the Problem of Dynamic Processes Instability. Alexey represented Belarus in the international forum Falling Walls Lab in Berlin (Germany) in 2017. The final reports were delivered by Fulbright English teaching assistants from the U.S. Embassy – Victoria Elizabeth Khachaturyan, Jessica Meyerzon and Sidney Karesh.

Alexey Burak

After the plenary session and a coffee-break all the participants and guests had a chance to attend several workshops.

The first day of the conference ended up with an excursion in Polotsk where our guests had an opportunity to get acquainted with rich history of the city and feel the unique atmosphere of ancient Polotsk.

On May 11 the conference worked within the framework of 7 sections:

  • А1. Linguistics, Literature, Philology.
  • А2. Education, Social Studies, Law.
  • А3. History, Cultural Studies, Tourism, Sports.
  • А4. Economics.
  • В1. Architecture and Civil Engineering.
  • В2. Technology, Machine-building, Geodesy.
  • В3. ICT, Electronics, Programming.

The participants and guests of the conference shared their impressions about the event and also congratulated Polotsk State University with its anniversary:

Dr. Császár Mátyás, assistant professor, Department of Private International Law, Faculty of Law, University of Szeged (Hungary): «This is my first time in Belarus and also here, in Polotsk. I like it very much. My expressions are wonderful. It was a real pleasant surprise for me to visit Belarus because your country is very nice. And I’m very glad to take part in this conference at PSU. Your university and this building are also great.

During the plenary session I’m going to talk about my home university, especially my faculty that I represent. I’ll try to present my faculty and different programs offered by our Faculty of Law.

Tomorrow I’m going to meet with the representatives of the Faculty of Law at PSU. We will meet officially because our faculty will sign an Agreement with Polotsk State University. It’s called Memorandum of Understanding to find out our future cooperation.

As I know this year your university celebrates its 50th anniversary that’s why I wish you many students, courage and, of course, wish you good luck for the future».

 Császár Mátyás

Paweł Urgacz, Director of International Relations Department at University of Dąbrowa Górnicza (Poland): «This is my first time in Belarus. I’m so happy to be here at Polotsk State University because this is the best place to explore Belarus.

We’ve already cooperated together with Polotsk State University for several times according to Erasmus+, Double Diploma Programmes. My previous experience, in particular, the contact with the representatives of the university, was very professional. Now I’m here personally. I’m really impressed by the campus itself, this historical building, the hospitality of people. So I’m feeling wonderful here.

I believe that we have many grounds for our further development in the cooperation with PSU: the mobility of students, the mobility of staff, double degree programs, joint projects and many other activities including scientific research, conferences. We’ll be very glad to develop our cooperation.

During the plenary session I’m going to present my university and basically the way how we do our practical education at the University, how we make the university one of the most international universities in Poland.

I with the university a continuation of this very positive progress that you’ve achieved for the past several years. And I wish that the cooperation with many other universities across the world will be very strong. Of course, the research, which will be conducted here at the university, will significantly influence the life of the society in Belarus».

 Paweł Urgacz

Jessica Meyerzon, Fullbright ETA in Belarus: «During the plenary session I will speak about the development of collaborative skills using the technology in the classroom. Basically at Baranovichi State University a professor and I have worked on this project. We conducted a pilot study with some students in our class. We ask them to use different information technologies, like Google Documents, for example, to complete the project together. And we ask students to complete a survey to see whether they like the process or not, to explain what we should approve about it.

I wish Polotsk State University to be prosperous, to expand your study programmes, and to make your students and lecturers happy!»

Jessica Meyerzon

Sidney Karesh, Fullbright ETA in Belarus: «It’s my first time at Polotsk State University. It’s gorgeous. It seems like this place has a lot of history. It’s really beautiful here. I’m really excited. I would spend more time here.

I’m going to be talking about education inequality in the United States. We have a lot of great things that our education offers in the United States, but unfortunately it’s not equally distributed around the population. So we are going to talk about the history, how it looks right now and the possible solutions.

I wish your university another fifty years, growth and joy, great academics and talented students, and, of course, flourishing».

Sidney Karesh

Victoria Elizabeth Khachaturyan, Fullbright ETA in Belarus: «The University is very beautiful. It’s like a museum. I’ve been in Belarus for eight months now. People are very friendly. I like being here.

At the plenary session I’m going to talk about code switching between Russian and English speakers, when people use both languages together. I guess it will be interesting to the audience.

I would like to wish Polotsk State University success and happiness, more wonderful students, great studies».

Victoria Elizabeth Khachaturyan