Полоцкий государственный университет


On April 5-6, 2018 Polotsk State University hosted the international scientific conference «Architectural and construction complex: problems, prospects, innovations», dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the University. The conference gathered representatives from the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Israel, Portugal, Yemen, Lebanon.

The plenary session of the conference was opened by Dmitry Glukhov, Vice-Rector for Science at PSU, PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor: «The Faculty of Civil Engineering is one of the oldest faculties at Polotsk State University. For the period of its development the research schools have been established, that have made a contribution to the development of both national and international science. Our university is developed as a classical university. At the current stage there is a possibility to make a lot of research due to the development of a wide range of adjacent courses. The faculty offers various courses: from architectural study programmes to all kinds of buildings and construction design.

Our city is a centre of petrochemistry, an industrial centre in the Republic of Belarus. Most part of city-forming enterprises turns to Polotsk State University for services in the field of scientific and technical support. Specialists in the field of construction, buildings survey, diagnostics are also highly demanded. It is important for representatives of this conference to share the results of their activities and scientific directions».

Dmitry Glukhov

Dmitry Glukhov wished all the participants successful and fruitful work, to find new ideas, interesting discussions that will be the base for new research programmes and cooperation.

The participant of the conference

The plenary session was continued by the following speakers: Dmitry Glukhov (Polotsk State University), Olga Kiziniyevich (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania), Evgeniya Genina, Yury Rybakov (Ariel University, Israel), Alexander Bakatovich (Polotsk State University).

The conference continued its work in the following sections:

  1. Architecture and town planning in modern conditions.
  2. Building constructions, modern methods of calculating and design.
  3. Resource- and energy-saving building materials and technologies.
  4. Building organization and real estate management.
  5. Energy-saving and environmental protection innovative solutions in engineering systems of buildings and constructions.
  6. Problems of higher education in the field of architecture and construction.

The participants of the event shared their impressions about the conference and also told about main problems in the field of construction and architecture.

Yury Rybakov, professor, Doctor of Philosophy, the Department of Civil Engineering, Ariel University (Israel): «Today the international conference is carried out by our new partners at Polotsk State University for the first time. We’ve signed a Cooperation Agreement. Within its framework we’ve come here with Dr. Evgeniya Genina. We would like to have a look at the material and technical base of the University, to assess the potential for joint research projects, methodical work and some other aspects connected with joint supervising of Master’s and postgraduate students, lecturers’ and students’ visits. This conference is a final part within the framework of our visit. It is carried out in order to demonstrate the achievements in the field of building materials, constructions and technologies in the Republic of Belarus, and we present the plenary report which shows how all these things function in our country.

Apart from that I’ve had a lecture for the academic staff at the Department, postgraduate and Master’s students, also a lecture for students. I talked to students about methods of building protection which are liable to dynamic loads. For the academic staff, postgraduate and Master’s students I told about the system of academic education in Israel. We watched several video presentations about our university, programmes, faculties, departments and research directions. Also I had a meeting with Master’s students where we discussed their projects».

Yury Rybakov

Dmitry Zhukov, PhD in Engineering, professor, A.M. Shirokov Institute of Modern Knowledge: «Taking into account my working experience, I’ve made a conclusion that it is necessary to change engineering preparation for architects and designers. My offers are connected with disunity removal of corresponding engineering courses. It must be one course «Engineering». Then we can deal with the study of materials, technologies, constructions. Moreover, it would be great to attach all these things to the course «Design». Due to all these things we can prepare highly skilled specialists – architects and designers who know engineering. Today I would like to discuss this idea with colleagues. I hope to get the recommendations and offers. Sharing experience is very important for the academic staff».

Dmitry Zhukov

Evgeniya Genina, Doctor of Philosophy, Ariel University (Israel): «I’ve studied and worked at Polotsk State University. Here I have many colleagues and friends. I haven’t been here for 19 years, and the University has changed in a good way. I like, that lecturers here work very productively: they publish books, methodological modules. They teach students at a high level. I think that we will definitely cooperate in the field of our professional interests. Today this event is experience exchange, exchange of scientific conference and just a communication. When you communicate with colleagues, specialists and scientists, you always find common grounds because work in the same field. I hope that this conference will become the base for the further cooperation between our universities».

Evgeniya Genina

Olga Kiziniyevich, associate professor, PhD in Engineering, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania): «I’m here for the first time. I’m very glad to be at Polotsk State University. During the conference we will discuss a wide range of problems connected with architectural and construction solutions, thermo-insulating wastes. In particular, I’m going to tell about the situation in our country. Today it is important for me to talk with colleagues and see how they work in this field. I would like to get acquainted with your equipment, discuss some relevant problems. We are neighbors that’s why this topic is really relevant for our countries».

Olga Kiziniyevich

According to the conference results the directions for international cooperation on joint educational and research projects with Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and Ariel University have been defined.