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On June 7-8, 2018 II International scientific and practical conference «Sustainable Economic Development: International and National Aspects» took place at Polotsk State University. The conference was organized by the Faculty of Finance and Economics and dedicated to 50th anniversary of PSU.

Piotr Rezkin

Svetlana Vegera, First Vice-Rector, Doctor of Economics, Professor, and Alexander Golubenok, First Deputy Head of Novopolotsk Executive Committee, delivered their welcome speech and opened the conference.

Svetlana Vegera

Alexander Golubenok

The meeting comprised more than 240 researchers and lecturers from Belarus, Azerbaijan, Germany, China, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine.

Conference participants

As a plenary meeting presupposing discussion forums, the event considered a wide range of topical issues of sustainable economy:

  • Demographic and migration processes
  • Human resources management
  • Drivers of inclusive economic growth
  • Problems and tendencies of logistics development
  • Actual analysis and audit problems
  • Contemporary studies on modern communication technology
  • Actual financial and economic aspects of industries development

Conference participants

The webinar "The present and the future of logistics in the current economic situation" gathered the researchers from Orenburg State University (Russia) and Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives.

Furthermore, the program included the 2nd Republican Seminar "Fundamental, scientific and methodological aspects of the Belarusian economy". The meeting landed the representatives from various spheres including banking, ministries of taxation, insurance companies, higher education institutions. The workshop discussion was opened with debating on the effects of globalization on Belarusian financial sector.

Fundamental, scientific and methodological aspects of the Belarusian economy

As a sort of a break, the guests were offered Chinese tea ceremony. Zhonghua Li, a Lecturer at the Department of Economics, Management and Economic Theory, PhD in Economics, introduced the concept of the Chinese tea culture dating back several thousand years.

Tatiana Goncharova

Zhonghua Li

On June 8, 2018 the conference moved to Mezhdurechye, one more PSU campus. Aleksey Radyuk, Vice-Dean at the Faculty of Law, settled the university sightseeing tour. The guests, in their turn, were impressed by the research facilities allowing research-informed study.

PSU sightseeing tour

PSU sightseeing tour

After the conference finished, the participants expressed their gratitude for hosting the event meanwhile wishing Polotsk State University prosperity and goodness.

Round-table meeting

In Mezhdurechye settlement

The closing stage of the event transferred the guests to Novopolotsk Museum of History and Culture. That very part enclosed the excursion dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of a young and dynamically developing Novopolotsk.

The excursion to Novopolotsk Museum of History and Culture

Conference participants

Alexander Golubenok, Vice-Chairman of Novopolotsk Executive Committee: "Here we are again, at Polotsk State University. Certainly, it is pleasant that the university is constantly developing and keeping pace with times. As far as the international conference topicality goes, we’ve chosen the most urgent one for the city. Right here we mean economic issues, environmental protection, quality of life – all these are to be the international priority. We actively monitor the trends followed by the United Nations which concern sustainable development strategy. However, economy is one of the main directions. Thus, having chosen the exact topic and gathered so many people, the university made a gift to the city. I am here now to show the gratitude to the city administration. Also, I hope to see the efficiency of the program activities. We will consider the conference material when implementing it in the city social and economic development project. We will walk along the university and country path to meet sustainable development".

Alexander Golubenok

Vatslovas Lakis, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Vilnius University (Lithuania): "We are in constant contact with Polotsk State University and we participate in the conferences provided. I would like to mark the high level of content while holding such events. It is therefore with great pleasure that we visit PSU. The today`s topics are quite tempting. We will not only get new acquaintances but share our experience, meet new insights together with the inspiration driving us further I suppose.

My best wishes to Polotsk State University! I have no doubt the university has a great fu-ture ahead!"

Vatslovas Lakis

Elnur Sadygov, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Azerbaijan State University: "My today`s presentation is focused on CIS exchange markets and it concerns Azerbaijan market, in particular. We figure out everything that happens there and the relations it has with other countries. Concurrently, the perspectives of economic development are going to be considered. Now, at the conference, there are a lot of things expected: an approximation to pedagogical and science cooperation, international student academic mobility perspectives. Also, we are going to prepare economic plans for further development. So this is what really matters to our countries.

Elnur Sadygov

Polotsk State University is heavily rooted in history. Therefore, studying here becomes prestigious for our students. I give my lectures to postgraduates and I am satisfied with the students as well. Obviously, science has been advancing so we need to develop the relations. I am truly grateful to Polotsk State University! May it know prosperity and success not only in Belarus, but internationally".

Dmitry Pankov, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Belarus State Economic University: "Since I represent higher education, now one of the most pressing issues is a formation of a new university of 3.0 concept. It presupposes to complement universities functions with what is generally known as an entrepreneurial activity. It is a matter of great expectations. It would be interesting to learn how my colleagues regard such a way of development. The trend and importance of this direction are obvious. For this, it requires to be realized as efficiently as possible bearing educational and scientific functions, promoting entrepreneurial harmony and balance. Nowadays it is especially topical under the present market economy and all concerning our country integration. So in order to meet these challenges we need universities and highly trained specialists.

Dmitry Pankov

Such meetings are undoubtedly useful. This is a rare occasion to meet colleagues, to ex-change new ideas, to learn from each other and to simply make friends. It is always nice to visit Polotsk State University for the purpose one finds a unique cultural aura here. For instance, the university clocks and mechanical head plunge you into entourage, one may immediately feel they become parts of the ancient Belarusians traditions. We are all inspired and encouraged!

I have been cooperating with the university for years. As it gets older by itself, it gets younger in my eyes. And thus, my wishes to PSU go: never to get old, stay young forever! I am confident the university expects a great future! Here you find the excellent leadership, creative academicians, curious students, young scientists. All these guarantee we meet here again to celebrate other anniversaries!"

Alexander Gudoshnikov, The ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DipIFR Russian), “Naftan”, Chief Accountant, Belarus: "We are fortunate our enterprise and Polotsk State University are situated in the same region. Such meetings are vital for the experts in the spheres of economics, accounting and finance. Because science and legislation regulating the issues have been developing dynamically. The events are provided not really often, but when the professionals meet then they dwell upon host of matters, find solutions. Afterwards, all discussed are included in the documents which make the basis for our region future work and economic development. I wish to thank for the event organization and to greet our Polotsk State University with its anniversary of contemporary history!"

Alexander Gudoshnikov

Boris Zheliba, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Belarus State Economic University: "My presentation is headed as “Belarusian economy. Drivers and barriers”. I am going to touch upon the issues promoting and, on the contrary, slowing down Belarusian economy development. Besides, I am going to listen to my colleagues` presentations and to share views. I consider communication with researchers to be a huge plus of such kind of a conference. It appears that PSU has gathered many representatives – here we mention Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Russia and many other Belarusian universities. We have already get acquainted with some representatives.

Boris Zheliba

I am entirely inspired by the results the university achieved! Having visited the photographic exhibitions and compared to the stuff existed some ten years ago, I noticed the great work done for meeting high standards. No other university has such deeply-rooted traditions! Allow me to wish the university heritage be saved, the facilities and resources be expanded and PSU itself be the leading regional university. Best wishes!"

Tatiana Kupchinova, PhD in Sociology, Associate Professor, Belarusian State University: "Our BSU Faculty of Social and Cultural Communication participates in the conference held by Polotsk State University for the second time. The presentation made concerning “Social communication: History, theory and practice” arose particular interest. We led initially scientific debate for it always be a nice part of such events. We discussed a number of general problems consecrated to information and communication technology development, its role in modern media landscape, citizen journalism. Also, we determined capacity of further collaboration and communication studies perspectives. We would love to express gratitude to the university administration and the meeting managers for the high level of this international conference preparation and realization. Moreover, we are thankful for the cultural program and warm welcome".

Alexander Zlotnikov, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives: "My today`s presentation devoted to demographic development issues being the crucial factor influencing economy sustainable development. Unfortunately, over the last 20 months, the Republic of Belarus affected by the negative trends in the development of the demographic processes. So in 2017 Belarus fertility rate drops to the same as in 2008. I would like to provide explanations with the regard to factors, conditions – the reasons causing such decrease. To say, the Vitebsk region and Minsk have the lowest population growth rate. I would like this fact to be noticed. The point is that you can hardly hear about demography in media or elsewhere. But current demographic processes will still project trends in 25 or 30 years. The lowest birth rate will subsequently cause the coming period resulting in small labour resources etc. So that brings mega-huge chain reaction.

Alexander Zlotnikov

One more point is that today I would like to broach the questions dedicated to economic education. I fear the transition from a 5-year to a 4-year degree at higher educational institu-tions means that many courses, economists need, disappear. Thereafter some amount of infor-mation becomes inaccessible to students".