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Petr Rezkin, PhD in Economics, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, Management and Economic Theory, Vice Dean at the Faculty of Finance and Economics, Head of the Young Researchers Council, took part in the seminar for junior researchers “The Role of Junior Researchers in Developing the “University 3.0” Model” on January 24, 2019 at Belarusian State Economic University. Igor Karpenko, Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus participated there as well.

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Vladimir Shimov, Rector of BSEU, Doctor of Economics, Professor, opened the seminar by noting the importance of realizing the “University 3.0” model, highlighting its contribution to the direction development at Belarusian State Economic University and pointing out the junior researchers’ special mission in this direction.

Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus Igor Karpenko said that today the universities should interest the students in the careers of both a scientist and an entrepreneur. He supposes that the implementation of the project “University 3.0” will motivate the youth to do science at universities. The results of the first stage of implementing the “University 3.0” model  are the following: the roadmaps on improving the education and science activity are developed, the list of offers on the innovation infrastructure development funded by the World  Development Bank is prepared, innovative specialties of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees of higher education are opened, the innovation infrastructure network is created and extended.  

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Later, Igor Karpenko held an open dialogue with junior researchers. The issues of organizing the scientific and innovative activity at universities to implement the “University 3.0” model were under discussion. The Minister stressed the fact that  the university science development is interrelated with the real sector of the economy. The universities that are already performing important tasks for industrial enterprises were of special interest.

At the end of the seminar, I. Karpenko congratulated all junior researchers on the Day of Belarusian Science and awarded the certificates and Certificates of Appreciation to the country’s junior researchers.

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Among the awardees was a representative of Polotsk State University Petr Rezkin, who was awarded the Certificate of Appreciation of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus for the significant individual contribution to the science and innovative activity development.

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