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III International Scientific Students’ Videoconference “Prospects for Accounting Development: a View of Junior Researchers” was held for undergraduate and graduate students of the Faculty of Finance and Economics as well as for representatives of universities of Moldova and Romania. The conference was dedicated to the celebration of the Day of the Faculty of Finance and Economics - 2019.

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Lyudmila Masko, Associate Professor at the Department of Business Accounting and Finance, Logistics and Management, moderator of the conference, shared her impression: “Conducting a scientific forum via videoconference is becoming a good tradition. This is a third international conference that was held within the framework of the cooperation agreement between PSU and Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, as well as the project agreement with Ștefan cel Mare University of Suceava. This year the number of participants has increased, and a new partner university from Romania has participated in the conference as well.

Our university was represented by the following young researchers:

  • Daria Poturemskaya, an undergraduate student,
  • Renata Sarvari, a graduate student,
  • Jennet Jumayeva, a student from Turkmenistan.

Junior researchers had a great chance to exchange the results of their research, hear the views of colleagues and outline further areas of work. It should be noted that the conference was conducted both in Russian and English”.

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Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova is publishing a collection that will contain 50 articles of conference participants including 13 papers prepared by young researchers of the Faculty of Finance and Economics.

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The creation of such a youth scientific forum and the results of joint work proved the necessity and importance of research in the field of business accounting, economic analysis and audit. We hope for further cooperation with our foreign partners from Moldova and Romania.

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We wish you further creative success and fruitful work in this direction in the future!

O. Mikhalevich, an assistant lecturer at the Department of Business Accounting and Finance, Logistics and Management