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Spring is not only a period of nature waking up, flowers blossoming and things changing. It is a period of serious preparation for students’ assessment at the departments and faculties.

The good training of researchers is a vital part of the structure “Education – Science – Innovations – Production – Commercialization” that forms the basis for the “University 3.0” model.  Postgraduate Studies at PSU is one of the first to introduce a new model of postgraduate education. Therefore, the seminar for postgraduate students and researchers was held at Polotsk State University.

Elena Kremnyova

The following issues were discussed in the seminar:

  • training in modern conditions, changes in postgraduate study programmes taking into account the demands of the current labour market;
  • increasing work effectiveness on PhD theses in accordance with the latest obligatory requirements of Higher Attestation Committee;
  • PhD students assessment;
  • expertise stages of qualifying research papers;
  • international academic mobility of researchers;

Elena Kremnyova, Head of the Department of Postgraduate Studies, noticed that a postgraduate student while attending postgraduate studies is working on his/her thesis and focusing on science only. However, modern science is rapidly developing. Today to put one’s scientific developments into practice a junior researcher should be able to build a career, work in a team, lead the staff, manage his/her time, solve conflict situations, sell his/her scientific developments and etc.

Elena Kremnyova

In response to those changes in science, postgraduate students are offered to study flexible courses not only in a professional field, but also in general educational and cultural ones to acquire additional skills for solving problems, their own growth, and ability to work in the conditions of the modern labour market. Taking a post-graduate course is a good opportunity for students and researchers to acquire knowledge and professional competences necessary for the work with employers, develop teamwork skills, understand and plan their financial goals and work faster and more efficiently on research studies.

Special attention was paid to the problematic issues that arise in assessing students at all stages of postgraduate studies and after its completion up to the PhD theses defense.

obuchenie aspirantov 4

obuchenie aspirantov 5

At the end of the seminar, Elena Kremnyova spoke about advantages of the new joint international project under the Erasmus+ programme “Modernization of Doctoral Education in Science and Improvement of Teaching Methodologies” (MODEST).

Further, postgraduate students discussed the most relevant issues concerning the training, assessment and researchers’ mobility. During the seminar, the participants could ask questions and share their ideas on improving postgraduate education.

Postgraduate Studies
Photos by Polina Kasarevskaya