Полоцкий государственный университет


On April 29, 2019 the Research Board of the Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research (BRFFR) announced the results and provided grants. Junior researchers of Polotsk State University Ekaterina Toleryonok and Petr Rezkin have received two-year grants in “BRFFR – Science M” Section. 

Ekaterina Toleryonok, senior lecturer at the Department of Social Studies and Humanities, Faculty of Finance and Economy, presented the topic “Jews in the History of Polotsk in XIX c.”

The topic and its relevance were chosen to find out any information about the history of the Jews in Polotsk in XIX c., because it was studied just fragmentally at the present stage of national history development. The research on the Jewish influence on the social and economic status of the Belarusian cities will help to create the integrated and objective concept of the history of Belarus.

The project is aimed at considering the social and economic status of the Jews in Polotsk in XIX c., analyzing relationships among the Jews and local people, investigating the main areas of the Jewish cultural and religious development and finding out any stereotypes about the Jews.

One of the main research results will be the reconstruction of Jewish history in the city of Polotsk in the period of the Russian Empire. It is also planned to create a 3D model of Jew Street as well as to provide an excursion tour around Polotsk. Research results are expected to be used for different purposes both in the region and abroad.

Petr Rezkin, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Economics, PhD in Economics, presented the topic “The Promotion of the Balanced Economic Growth of the National Economy of the Republic of Belarus Based on Developing the Efficient Value Chains”.

His project is aimed at developing theoretical and methodical strategies to promote the balanced economic growth of the national economy of the Republic of Belarus by summarizing and improving theoretical and methodical approaches to the analysis and creation of the efficient value chains.

Application of the expected outputs along with the standard methods of economics will help to provide the scientific justification of real problems of practical economy. Today’s key problem of the economy of the Republic of Belarus is the provision of the balanced economic growth, i.e. the GDP growth with the maintenance of the positive foreign trade growth, the lack of external debt growth and the stability of the national financial system.

We congratulate our junior researchers and wish them every success in their research!

Young Researchers Council