Полоцкий государственный университет


On May 16-17, 2019, the VIII International Economic Forum “Innovations. Investments. Perspectives” took place in Vitebsk. 85 delegations from 22 countries participated in the forum.

Polotsk State University presented its developments in the following sections:

  • “Clusters and their role in innovation technologies development”;
  • “IT-zone”;
  • “Innovation technologies in tourism, sport and hospitality”;
  • “Art-vanguard”.

Developments in the spheres of oil refining and construction were presented in the section “Clusters and their role in innovation technologies development”.

Oil refining technologies:

  • Betulin – biologically active food additive;
  • Petroleum sorbents made of raw materials of plant origin;
  • Hydrocracked base oil;
  • Antifreeze for petroleum coke and hard coal transporting in winter conditions;
  • Non-fluid oil made of low-molecular polyethylene;
  • Filament for 3D printing;
  • Material for candle making.

Civil engineering technologies:

  • Thermal insulation and wall materials made of raw material of plant origin;
  • Arbel - new generation construction material.

Irina Buraya, Head of the Department of Technology and Equipment of Oil and Gas Processing , and Tatsiana Goncharova, Director of the Scientific Research Department, provided presentations in this section.

Irina Buraya and Tatsiana Goncharova

Developments in the sphere of information technologies were presented in the section “IT-zone”:

  • A software package “Calculation of gas reserved in a transmission system”;
  • The use of artificial intelligence in modern video surveillance systems;
  • A software package “Housing settlement service system”;
  • A set of programmes for engineering calculations in construction;
  • A programme for digital mapping of lakes using “ISOlines” echolocation data.

Our developments were presented by Aleksander Lukyanov, a competent assistant at the Department of Computing Systems and Networks.

Aleksander Lukyanov

The exposition “Innovation technologies in tourism, sport and hospitality” turned out to be a very effective one. Sabina Kerimova and Egor Lazaryonok, staff members of the Tourists and Excursion Centre, took an active part in presenting the attractions of former Polotsk Jesuit College buildings. They showed videos, photos, booklets, catalogues and souvenirs that attracted the visitors’ attention.

Sabina Kerimova and Egor Lazaryonok

Angelina Fyodorova, an assistant at the Department of Architecture, presented the university students works: urban environment projects and cityscape sketches.

Angelina Fyodorova

In conclusion it should be noted that participation in such events reveals PSU potential in various spheres, attracts attention of potential investors to implement the scientific and technological developments, university staff and students creative ideas into real economy.

Tatsiana Goncharova, Director of the Scientific Research Department