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On February 13-16, representatives of the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology of PSU took an active part in the IV International Youth Scientific Conference SPE “Tatarstan UpExPro 2020” held at the Institute of Geology and Oil and Gas Technologies of Kazan Federal University (KFU).

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The following topics were discussed during the two busy days:

  1. Geology and Petroleum Geochemistry, Geological and Hydrodynamic Simulation;
  2. Oil-Gas-Condensate Fields Development;
  3. Geophysics and Geoinformation Technologies;
  4. Oil and Gas Processing, Transportation and Storage;
  5. Research Papers of Postgraduate Students and Young Specialists;
  6. Oil and Gas Industry Digital Transformation;
  7. Research Papers in English.

Yulia Bulavka, Associate Professor of the Department of Technology and Equipment of Oil and Gas Processing at PSU, was awarded a 1st-degree diploma certificate for winning in the section “Research Papers of Postgraduate Students and Young Specialists” for the best research paper “Obtaining Bituminous Materials Based on Acid Sludge of Petrochemical Plants”.

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Yulia Bulavka: “Being in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan and one of the largest economic, scientific, academic, religious, cultural and sport centres in Russia, gave me a unique opportunity to evaluate research trends, obtain up-to-date information, exchange experience and knowledge with other junior researchers from different countries and find new contacts in oil and gas industry”.

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Experts of sponsor companies presented very interesting lectures at the IV International Youth Scientific Conference SPE “Tatarstan UpExPro 2020”:

  1. Yulia Kalashnikova, a Schlumberger specialist, “Overview of decisions made by SIS for petroleum production (Petrel, ECLIPSE, INTERSECT, Ocean)”.
  2. Evgenia Artamenko, a Schlumberger specialist, “Geological laboratory for 4D sedimentation modeling”.
  3. Rezeda Lukyanova, PhD in geological and mineralogical sciences, Deputy Head of Tatar Geology and Prospecting Administration (TGRU in the Russian abbreviation), “Innovative methods developed and applied at TGRU”.
  4. Eduard Abusalimov, Head of (the) Technology Development Centre, “Experience in applying high-tech methods of acid bottom-hole treatment of heterogeneous carbonate reservoirs”.
  5. Linar Zinnurov, a pressure transient analysis specialist at Sofoil LLC.
  6. Dmitry Kirgizov, Deputy Head of TNG-Group, “Exclusive technologies available at TNG-Group LLC in addition to standard geophysical services”.
  7. Sergey Usmanov, Head of SPE Tashkent section, “Digital approaches to solving the problems of the oil and gas industry”.

As part of the conference, the participants had an opportunity to take tours around Kazan, see the museum of geology at the Institute of Geology and Oil and Gas Technologies of KFU and visit research and technology laboratories of the Institute.

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