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On November 26, 2020 IV International Scientific and Practical Online Conference “Sustainable Economic Development: International and National Aspects” took place at Polotsk State University. PSU hosted a diverse array of economic scientists from Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Lebanon, Moldova, Russia, the USA, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Thailand.

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The conference began with a welcoming speech of Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Yury Golubev. Irina Pozdnyakova, Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Economics, was the main organizer and coordinator of the scientific forum.

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The participants of the conference discussed a number of scientific and practical issues on the following topics:

  • Inclusive economic growth drivers: Belarus and global practical experience;
  • Human resource management. Migration and demographic processes;
  • Modern global economic market development. Financial intermediation institutions development;
  • Social and economic aspects of transcontinental cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and People's Republic of China;
  • Social communications: history, theory and practice;
  • Current issues of accounting, finance, analysis and audit;
  • Impact of contemporary challenges on accounting, finance, analysis and audit;
  • Logistics trends as the effect of global economy changes.

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After the performances were over, the participants of the conference discussed areas of joint research, the teaching and learning process, student/staff exchange, the introduction of new teaching methods and internships. Many of the scientists shared their impressions and expectations on the meeting.

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Materials of 193 reports will be published in the e-collection of articles as the result of the conference.

Yury Kezha
Photos by Polina Kosarevskaya