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On October 8-9, 2015 the Republican scientific and practical seminar «Topical problem of Belarusian Podvinye architecture and adjacent regions», organized by the Department of Architecture of the faculty of Civil Engineering, took place at Polotsk State University.

The seminar

Belarusian Podvinye has a special place in the history of architecture of our country. Due to the successful development of «History» and «Architecture» specialities at Polotsk State University nowadays the researchers have favourable conditions for detailed and deep comprehension of Polotsk architectural heritage.

More than 50 specialists took part in the scientific forum and represented various Belarusian universities and institutions.

The right to open the event was given to the first pro-rector of PSU Svetlana G. Vegera who warmly greeted all the guests. She also pointed out that the subject of the seminar fully corresponds to philosophy of PSU development. In conclusion of the speech Svetlana Vegera wished all the participants of the seminar nice atmosphere, successful work and new inspiration for the development and realization of their creative and scientific potential.

Svetlana G. Vegera

The dean of the faculty of Civil Engineering A.A. Bakatovich also thanked the university administration that helped and supported the organizers of the event.

A.A. Bakatovich

A.I. Lokotko underlined the outstanding meaning of Polotsk in the history of Belarusian architecture, admitted a considerable role of PSU staff in the scientific problems research connected with the architecture of Belarusian Podvinye and adjacent regions and also marked achievements and perspectives of cooperation between PSU and the Centre for the Belarusian Culture, Language and Literature Researches of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

L.V. Koledinsky

The scientific and practical seminar

Then the scientific and practical seminar was continued by plenary reports. The doctor of historic sciences, professor, the head of the Department of Architecture of the Residential and Public Buildings of Belarusian National Technical University Sergey Sergachev brightly and emotionally told about the historic and cultural potential of the objects of traditional architecture of Belarusian Lakeland.

Sergey Sergachev

The doctor of historic sciences, professor, pro-rector of education of PSU Denis Duk presented his report «The stages of the formation of Polotsk urban space in 9th -18th centuries: planning or logic of historical processes».

Denis Duk

The candidate of architecture, an associate professor, the head of the Department of Architectural Design and Drawing of Brest State Technical University Tatsiana Panchenko shared her theoretical material in the field of tendency and perspective analysis of the development of orthodox spiritual centres of Belarus.

Tatsiana Panchenko

After the plenary meeting all the participants and guests of the seminar had a possibility to discuss seminar issues during the coffee-break.

The coffee-break

The participants and guests of the seminar

At the end of the first day of the seminar the participants had an excursion around Polotsk College and visited the main sights of Polotsk.

The guests of the event marked the real benefit of the seminar and said many admiring words about the whole event.

The pro-rector of education D.V. Duk expressed confidence that PSU has a necessary potential for making such seminars the international ones.

Denis Duk