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On October 27-28, 2016 the 6th International research conference «Gender and problems of communicative behavior» took place at Polotsk State University. It always provokes interest in scientific and public spheres. This year along with traditional problematic fields (philosophic foundations of gender theory and communication, language and problems of communication) the results of gender research in economics and political science were also included in the programme. Gender psychology and ethology, paternity and family in general as an object for research were presented as separate directions.

Gender and problems

Gender and problems of communicative behavior

The conference was opened by the pro-rector of Education, professor, doctor of historic science Denis V. Duk.

Denis V. Duk

The plenary session gathered the participants from Russia (representatives from Moscow City University, Saratov State University) and Belarus (representatives from National Academy of Sciences, Republican Institute of Higher School, Minsk State Linguistic University, Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherov, Polotsk State University).

The participant of the conference

Scientific conference

On October 28, the conference programme was organized in sections:

  1. Gender research in history, anthropology, sociology, economics, political science.
  2. Maternity, paternity family and gender identity as objects of research in psychology, pedagogy, culturology, linguodidactics.
  3. Linguistics. Gender representation through lingual means.
  4. Gender problems in literature and art.

After the work in sections the results and the project of conference decision were discussed. Traditionally the collection of articles of the 6th International research conference «Gender and problems of communicative behavior» was published according to the conference results.

The work of the conference in sections

The work of the conference