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On May 6-7, 2018 Rhodes Island in Greece hosted the International Extreme Games that gathered best fighters from many European and Asian countries. The tournament is an unofficial World Championship on martial arts. Our student at the Faculty of Information Technologies of Polotsk State University Aliaksandr Danilchanka has achieved success and won gold and two silver medals there.

Aliaksandr shared his impressions about the tournament and answered a couple of questions from our reporter.

Diploma of the Extreme Games

Reporter: Aliaksandr, please, tell about yourself.

A. Danilchanka: I’m a fourth-year student studying Geodesy at the Faculty of Information Technologies. My friends influenced me when I was thinking about my future study programme. They studied at Polotsk State University and were very proud of it. That’s why they gave me a piece of advice to study geodesy. I was interested in this variant: I read something about geodesy, watched some video presentations. I’m very lucky that I’ve chosen this programme. I like my study.

Reporter: How did you start taking up martial arts?

A.Danilchanka: I was born in Sharkovshchina. At school I was interested in football, participated in the competitions. When I came to Novopolotsk, I decided to have a try in martial arts. I chose a Greek-Roman wrestling, but then I wanted something more – to develop my technique. That’s why I took up a kickboxing.

Two years ago I got to know that Sergey Firsov opened a section for mixed martial arts in Polotsk. I decided to have a try in this sphere. Nowadays I regularly take part in different competitions. In April 2017 I became a Belarusian National Champion in mixed martial arts (MMA). Thus, I’ve become also a Master of Sports. Then I participated in European Martial Arts Championship, where I took the 5th place. The recent World Championship (GMMA) is the largest competition I have ever participated in.

Reporter: Can you tell more about the tournament?

A.Danilchanka: Actually, it is a young but very promising project of one Chinese promoting company. This August GMMA is going to hold a large tournament in Minsk. Last time the tournament gathered sportsmen from Europe and Asia, including Russia, Ukraine. The winner of such a competition is determined according to more than 12 kinds of activities.

In Rhodes Island I took part in 3 tournaments: mixed martial arts (MMA), where I won, also Thai boxing and grappling where I took the 2nd place. The competitiveness is very serious! Some time ago I won the National Cup in sambo. I think I could have done more, but my wins in such a company mean a great success for me.

Aliaksandr Danilchanka

Aliaksandr Danilchanka

Reporter: The participation in such a competition required a very intense preparation. Was it possible to combine trainings and study at the university?

A.Danilchanka: Nobody had known about my preparation at the University before the federation sent a letter about changing my examination schedule. I can’t say that my sports activities influence my study. But at the same time it is not easy to combine trainings and participation in competitions with the whole study process!

I try to improve my sports level that’s why sometimes I have to train twice: in the morning and in the afternoon. I perform in such kinds of sport where any disadvantages in functional or technical preparation can have many negative effects. If you lead the fight, and then, lose your concentration, you can pass a painful hold. Thus, all your hopes can be ruined. Such problems are also obvious looking at your face. Such a kind of sport is impossible without injuries. Dissections, fractures and stretching are quite normal in any kind of martial arts.

I’m not the only sportsman at the University. Our famous judoists and sambo fighters are well-known in our country.

Reporter: Can you share your plans for the future?

A.Danilchanka: I’m going to take part in several commercial MMA tournaments. In general, summer is an off-season period. All our competitions start in September and end in May. Speaking about my sports plans, I would like to get an opportunity to take part in some elite MMA tournament where I can compete with best athletes in the world.

I like mixed martial arts most of all. At the same time I do not refuse the other kinds because it is useful experience, including a competitive one. I think it can be obligatory for me to perform on the professional arena. I give a close attention to combat sports, watch many fights, try to get something from best fighters. I have a great respect and interest to Vasilly Lomachenko and Fedor Emelyanenko. The first sportsman is a very good in techniques and tactical preparation, and the second one is a legend of mixed martial arts, a very interesting person with a character of the winner.

Reporter: Great studies, Aliaksandr, and new wins!