Полоцкий государственный университет


From 8 to 22 January, 2013, at the sports hall №1 competitions on minifootball among the faculties were held. 10 teams (78 people) participated in the competition.

University minifootball Championship

The results of the competition:

  • 1st place – Faculty of Civil Engineering;
  • 2nd place – Faculty of Geodesy;
  • 3rd place – Faculty of Physical Training Education;
  • 4th place – Faculty of Machine Building;
  • 5th place – Faculty of Engineering Technology;
  • 6th place – Radio Engineering Faculty;
  • 7th place – Faculty of Law;
  • 8th place – Faculty of Finance and Economics;
  • 9th place – History and Philology;
  • 10th place – Faculty of Information Technologies.

Winning team squad (Faculty of Civil Engineering): Konstantin Chernyshev, Anton Sobolev, Alexander Chebotarev, Yuri Chernov, Kirill Morozko Alexander Belkovsky, Oleg Duinov, Ilya Podelets.