Полоцкий государственный университет


The University provides all facilities for students who can spend their free time improving creative abilities, broadening horizons and communication sphere, finding new friends. The mission of the student activity at PSU is to promote the realization of youth initiative, raise of social activity and useful activities for the University and its students. Solo and choreographic studios, intellectual games club and KVN, student theatre ART are very popular among students at the University.

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Polotsk State University cares a lot about health of its staff and students, paying attention to popularization of healthy way of life, fitness and sport. The university has modern sports sections and gyms, open-air grounds, halls for aerobics. The all-year-round Student games between faculties, championships among hostels can be a good example of the strong corporate spirit of the University. Our sportsmen successfully represent not only Polotsk State University, but also the Republic of Belarus. Many athletes at PSU are included in the national teams and awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals at different competitions – the Olympic games, World and European championships and others.

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