Полоцкий государственный университет


Travelling to Polotsk and Novopolotsk campuses as well as between them could not be easier.

The region is well served by local and national motorways, good public transport and Minsk II International Airport is just 250 kilometres south of the both cities with transit links through Minsk.

By air:

Since there are no direct public transport routes from International Airport in Minsk to major cities in the country you will have to go to Minsk by the Airport bus (please, consult the terms of use, timetable, and fares on the site of the airport – http://airport.by).

The airport buses arrive at Moskovski Coach Station in Minsk where intercity coaches/buses to both Polotsk and Novopolotsk start every two or three hours (please, consult the terms of use, timetable, and fares on the site of the Coach Station – http://www.avtovokzal.by).

The intercity coaches/buses arrive at the Coach Stations in the both cities. There you can find your way to the Univercity’s Halls of Residence.

If you want to make your trip between central Minsk and Polotsk or Novopolotsk faster it is highly advisable to make a booking in advance for one of the bus trips arranged through private transport companies over the telephones: +375 29 716 32 22 and +375 29 151 16 30, +375 29 710 20 60, +375 29 710 88 10. The former provides run minibuses of international makes with a luggage section. They start from the terminus righ opposite Minsk central Railway Station.

The alternative is to take a train from Minsk Central Railway Station which starts from Minsk at 17.08 (daily) and arrives in Polotsk at 23.02. there is an overnight train which starts from Minsk at 23.43 (daily) and arrives in Polotsk at 08.38. the train services is reliable however trains are slow.

By Train:

There is a railway station in Polotsk which serves connections between Polotsk, Moscow, Vilnius, St. Petersburg, Vitebsk and Minsk.