Полоцкий государственный университет


The University continues traditions of the outstanding Belarusian enlighteners.

Today PSU offers 45 study programmes and has more than 10 000 undergraduate, master and PhD students.

There are 8 Faculties at the University:

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Polotsk State University is the largest regional research and educational centre with strong traditions and unique scientific and pedagogical schools. The university researchers have created and patented more than 1000 inventions. The university developments are patented in Belarus, Russia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, the United States of America, Canada, Japan, China.

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Many of our scientists and their achievements in research are widely known in the country and abroad, however, science in PSU has always evolved around specific features of the region’s industry. In such areas as petro-chemistry and oil refining, machine building, construction and housing and communal services, Polotsk State University is the undisputed leader in the implementation of the regional programme «Innovative Development of Vitebsk Region». In recent years, the regional emphasis of research at Polotsk State University has been made not only in the fields of engineering and technology. The development of social sciences and humanities at the University led to new studies of socio-economic, historical, archaeological and linguistic fields. For the past ten years our University has been taking leading positions for its achievements in research among other Belarusian universities.

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