About the University - Полоцкий государственный университет имени Евфросинии Полоцкой

Make new history


Our objective

Make a strong university

A strong university is an intellectual and cultural center of the region and the driver of its economic growth. It’s not a separate structure, but the whole ecosystem comprising education and science, industry and business, human and management resources.

A strong university makes the atmosphere around it comfortable and interconnected. Having many links, it responds swiftly to internal and external changes. It’s a place where the needs of people and economics are clearly understood and developed in a rapidly changing world.


How to achieve it?

Create a wide space for opportunities

With preserving its organizational form, the University stays a navigator of the educational process. We see this process not as a fully formed narrow space but as a space for opportunities. Our goal is to widen this space for everybody to choose what suits him/her well and help to develop in harmony.

Build an individual development roadmap

Flexibility, sociability and creativity – qualities that are as important as professional knowledge and skills. To develop them relying on the only one template is impossible. With building an individual development roadmap, we point each student in some kind of direction. Such an approach definitely brings out the best qualities and helps them improve.

Teach to learn and learn all over again

Learning throughout your life is the essential skill of a future specialist. We appreciate the opportunity to be in the center of new knowledge and trends. We constantly long to learning new things and help others to follow in our footsteps.

Make a comfortable environment

The University is always a place where students, teachers and partners gather together. We ensure that all factors are important. Classroom design, comfortable infrastructure and training facilities influence the eventual study results.

Develop networking

Combining education, science and business, the University becomes a platform for many horizontal communications and a place for exchanging ideas and sharing experience. We teach students to see the university as a place to meet new people and create a team for achieving success faster in the future.



Smart education

We aim to unite people with technology in the study process, research and university management. In such a way, we create the environment that provides the highest level of competitive education.

Social responsibility

In education and research, management and social events we abide by the principles of ethics, transparency and commitment to sustainable development.


Our goal is to achieve the results that keep up with the times and meet the expectations of students, partners and employers. Thanks to that, we may guarantee a high level of education, the effectiveness of practice-oriented training and partnership development.


The cooperation among students, teachers and scientists across the globe enriches our knowledge, opens new opportunities and develops the ability to communicate in an international environment.