DESIGN (Object and Space) - Полоцкий государственный университет

Design (Object and Space)

Department of Architecture and Design

Qualification given: designer
Study period: full-time – 5 years
Design is something more than just visual beauty as it unites beauty, comfort and functionality. Actually, anything that we encounter is design at some extent. It has a lot of branches, and interior design is among the most popular ones. You certainly should enter Design (Object and Space) to be good at it.
Students learn to develop interior space projects for a comfortable life, work and studying. Besides the majors, they also get to know computer programs and graphical suites, which widen their design skills. The emphasis is made on developing creative thinking, which is achieved by an interdisciplinary approach, workshops and hackathons.
You will learn
  • to design esthetically important objects
  • to evaluate the level of design solutions
  • to develop the scientific, theoretical and practical background of design
  • to manage the activity of design groups and units
  • to teach and upgrade staff skills
You can work at/in
  • interior design
  • furniture design
  • books and magazines design departments at publisher office, media editorials
  • TV channel logo design and internet TV design
  • logo, banners, illustrations design
  • marketing departments and advertising agencies
  • education
  • Academic Art
  • Academic Drawing
  • Architectonics of Three-Dimensional Forms
  • Applied Arts of Belarus
  • Project Design
  • History of Arts
  • History of Design
  • Composition
  • Computer Technology in Project Design
  • Design Engineering
  • Buildings and Structures
  • Scale Modeling
  • Draft
  • Handicrafts of Belarus in Space and Object Design
  • Descriptive Geometry and Technical Drawing
  • Basics of Architecture
  • Basics of IT
  • Basics of Design Engineering
  • Basics of Style
  • Perspective
  • Project Graphics
  • Material Design
  • Theory and Methods of Design
  • Types of Buildings and Structures
  • Art Concepts in Space and Object Design
  • Chromatology and Colour Theory
  • Font
  • Ergonomics