Romance and germanic philology (english philology) - Полоцкий государственный университет имени Евфросинии Полоцкой
Romance and germanic philology (English philology)
Qualification given: philologist.Teacher of foreign languages and literatures (English, German / French).Translator / Interpreter
Study period:   full-time – 4 years
Philology students study foreign languages and foreign literature, master interpretation and translation techniques. On the one hand, studying at the speciality offers undergraduate students the opportunity to push back the limits,understand a foreign culture and improve communicative and analytical skills. On the other hand, it inspires to read, teaches to understand literary texts and express your ideas clearly.
The study program includes learning at least two foreign languages ata level which enables students to interpret and translate in a professional way. For such purpose, students study basics of cross-cultural communication, theory and practice of translation, oralinterpretationtechniquesand machine translation. The courses on literature from antiquity to modern times and foreign culture are added to the program. It also includes foreign language teaching methods and pedagogical practical training for graduates to be able to work in the sphere of teaching.
You will learn
Romance and germanic philology
  • to understand the structure of the language and its role as a means of thinking and communication
  • to fluently speak and write in foreign languages
  • to translate texts on different topics
  • to edit texts
  • to understand the structure of literary texts
  • to carry out research in suchfields as linguistics and literary criticismя
  • to teach foreign languages offline and using online tools
You can work at?
  • language service companies
  • editorial departments
  • educational institutions of different types
Romance and germanic philology
  • Modern Foreign Language (1st and 2nd Foreign Languages): Phonetics, Oral and Written Language Practice, Grammar
  • 1st Foreign Language for Specific Purposes
  • Language of Media
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Translation
  • Theory and Practice of Translation
  • Translation Activity and Software
  • Theory of Language, History of Language, Lexicology, Stylistics, Communicative Linguistics
  • Country Studies, Culture of a Target Language Country
  • History of World Literature
  • Literature of a Target Language Country
  • Foreign Language Teaching Methods