Design, Construction and Maintenance of Gas and Oil Pipelines and Storages - Полоцкий государственный университет
Design, Construction and Maintenance of Gas and Oil Pipelines and Storages
Design, Construction and Maintenance of Gas and Oil Pipelines and Storages
Department of Pipeline Transport and Hydraulics

Qualification given: engineer
Study period: full-time – 4 years
Hi-tech systems and stations are required for transportation, storage and distribution of oil, gas and petroleum products. Engineers from Design, construction and maintenance of gas and oil pipelines and storages deal with their construction, repair and support. PSU is the only university in Belarus training such specialists.
The specialty presupposes learning theoretical basics of fluid mechanics and their application for organization oil, gas and petroleum products transportation. The special emphasis is made on issues of design, construction and exploitation of major pipeline transport objects. During the whole time of studying the students get acquainted with the experience of real specialists and pass different practical trainings at the specialized enterprises.
You will learn
  • to make hydraulic design of complex pipelines
  • to carry out technological design of major pipelines
  • to analyse operating modes of oil terminals
  • to develop technological schemes of pumping stations
  • to design operation modes of gas transmission units
  • to carry out hydraulic calculations of gas supply systems
  • to choose the best possible way of pipeline corrosion protection
  • to apply the methods of choosing a technology of pipeline construction
  • to make the best possible investment decisions
You can work at
  • petrochemical design organizations and design departments at operating companies
  • specialized building organizations dealing with pipeline transport construction
  • companies-operators of major pipeline transport objects
  • organizations dealing with storage and distribution of petroleum products
  • organizations using gas transmission grids
  • Technical Fluid Mechanics
  • Construction of Pipeline Transport Objects
  • Repair of Pipeline Transport Objects
  • Pipeline Transport of Oil and Gas Products
  • Pipeline Transport and Gas Storage
  • Design and Exploitation of Oil Terminals
  • Machines and Equipment of Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Gas-Turbine Power Plants
  • IT and Pipeline Transport
  • Systems of Electrochemical Protection of Pipeline Transport Objects
  • Technical Diagnosis
  • Technical Valuation and Pipeline Transport
  • Systems of Oil and Gas Supply and Filling Stations
  • Engineering Objects Networks of Oil and Gas Business
  • Investments Management and Pipeline Transport