Vehicle Maintenance - Полоцкий государственный университет
Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle Maintenance

Faculty of Mechanics and Technology (FMT)
Department of Automobiles
Qualification given: machine engineer
Study period: full-time – 4 years, part-time – 4 years
Each year there are more and more automobiles in our world. That results in demand in engineers able to organize safe transportations and neat vehicle park maintenance. Vehicle maintenance prepares such specialists.
Students learn the construction of vehicles, their units and systems, means and ways of diagnostics, maintenance and repair. The specialty includes several different disciplines on enterprise organization, technological processes and vehicle enterprises equipment. Practical trainings at vehicle factories, transport management facilities, service centers and vehicle parks help to make the knowledge solid. The feature of the specialty is scheduled driving hours, which help to pass the driving tests at the Main Directorate for Road Traffic Safety and get a driving license of B and C categories without attending a driving schoolе.
You will learn
Vehicle Maintenance
  • to maintain vehicles and technological equipment in accordance to the process documentation policies
  • to carry out tests and identify the technical condition of currently operated and repaired vehicles and transport equipment
  • to organize works on choice, justification, acceptance and realization of management decisions, audit and document management systems
  • to develop technical objects with the help of mechanical, technological, esthetical, ecological and economic requirements
  • to develop production programs on technical maintenance, service, repair and modernization of a vehicle used
  • to develop new technological processes, which improve the automobile resource and save production resources
You can work at
  • enterprises dealing with technical maintenance and vehicle repair
  • service centers of vehicle and vehicle repair enterprises
  • construction, technological and science organizations
  • marketing, transport and exploitation offices
  • logistics systems
  • organizations dealing with management of technical condition of road transport vehicles
  • the Main Directorate for Road Traffic Safety
Vehicle Maintenance
  • Automotive Engines
  • Vehicle Technical Maintenance
  • Vehicle Electrical Equipment
  • Mechanization of Technical Maintenance Processes
  • Transport and Car Shipment Safety
  • Automobiles
  • Ecology and Resource Conservation of Vehicles
  • Vehicle Organizations Design
  • Quality Control, Certification and Licensing
  • Exploitation Materials
  • Construction and Vehicle Design
  • Electronic and Intellectual Systems of Vehicle Control
  • Technology of Vehicle Production and Repair
  • Vehicle Technical Diagnostics
  • Vehicle Information Support
  • Car Maintenance and Repair
  • Basics of Scientific Research and Innovative Activities
  • Labor Safety