Innovative Technologies in Mechanical Engineering - Полоцкий государственный университет имени Евфросинии Полоцкой
Innovative Technologies in Mechanical Engineering
Specialisation: Machine-building and mechanical engineering
Academic degree: MSc
Study period: full-time – 1 year, part-time – 1 year, 6 months
The program provides an opportunity to get acquainted with advanced technologies in the field of innovative machine-building and develop skills to collect, analyze and process information necessary for the implementation of innovative technological processes.
Students study innovative technologies in machine building, including getting billets through such processes as casting, pressing, powder metallurgy and cutting treatment. They also explore the design of metal-cutting equipment and tools for complex part production along with methodological foundations for constructing modern machining processes and machine-building product assembly.
You will learn to
  • use the achievements of science and advanced technologies in the field of modern machine-building, including its design and production processes, improve quality of automated technological processes
  • develop practical recommendations for the use of the results of scientific research
  • plan and conduct experiments, analyze their results, explore patentability and level indicators of technical solutions
  • elaborate scientific, technical and project documentation
  • analyze the economic activity of an innovative machine-building organization
  • work out investment project and draft business plans
  • give classes on innovations in the field of machine-building, supervise students’ research work, provide educational and methodological support
You can work at
  • machine-building enterprises
  • repairing enterprises
  • auto transport enterprises
  • educational establishments of all types

  • Pedagogy and Psychology of Higher School
  • Innovative Technologies of Mechanical Assembly Production
  • Tendencies for the Development of Technological Equipment and Tools of Mechanical Assembly Production
  • Computer Simulation and Automation of Designing Products and Manufacturing Processes in Machine-Building
  • Theoretical and Applied Material Science in Machine-Building
  • New Composite Materials
  • Progressive Processes for Processing Construction Materials in Machine-Building
  • Thermochemical Treatment of Materials
  • Development of Tooling Backup in Machine-Building Industry
  • New Composite Materials