Theory and Methods of Teaching and Upbringing (Russian as a Foreign Language) - Полоцкий государственный университет
Theory and Methods of Teaching and Upbringing
Russian as a foreign language

Faculty of Humanities (FH)
Department of Slavonic Philology

Specialisation: Russian as a Roreign Language
Academic degree: MA
Study period: full-time – 1 year, evening classes – 1 year
The program involves in-depth study of Russian including mastering theories and practices of the innovative educational environment. Students explore grammatical, phonetic, lexical aspects of Russian as well as specific methods of teaching this language to foreigners. Along with that, they acquire knowledge of intercultural communication.
The program includes the research practice on one of the topical issues of modern teaching methods of Russian as a foreign language. Undergraduates will have the opportunity to select and apply in practice effective research techniques in teaching. Courses on text linguistics, theory of oral activity, methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language will help both in research and in further activities in educational institutions.
You will learn
Russian as a foreign language
  • to use Russian for solving problems in the field of professional communication
  • to implement the educational activities in educational institutions
  • to use modern information technologies to solve research and innovation problems
  • to introduce effective educational and communication technologies, educational innovations
  • to conduct linguistic research, taking into account the ethnolinguistic characteristics of students
  • pre-schools, secondary schools and specialized secondary educational establishments, higher educational institutions
  • language and educational centers
  • departments of education and management of government agencies
  • international departments, international students offices

Russian as a foreign language
  • Theoretical Foundations and Strategies for Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language
  • Teaching Different Aspects of Russian as a Foreign Language
  • Theory of Speech Acts
  • Fiction in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language
  • Text Linguistics