Полоцкий государственный университет


Tamara Grudnitskaya

The head of the Museum: Tamara Grudnitskaya

Address: 30 Blokhin Street, Room 23n, Novopolotsk, Belarus, 211440

Telephone: +375 214 53-15-83




Background information

On April 11, 2002 the Statute of The Museum of the Humanities and Education was affirmed. According to this Statute Polotsk Museum of Science and Education is a research and enlightenment centre, the main depository of material and spiritual items of culture. These items are valuable as they reflect the history of science and education development of Polotsk region.

On April 2002 Tamara Grudnitskaya was appointed head of the Museum.

In 2004, there was issued a book devoted to the 60th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The book is called “The Victory Soldiers of the University of Polotsk” and contains the articles about the University lecturers and stuff who are the veterans of the Great Patriotic War. This is the book about prominent people who made a great contribution to the creation and development of Polotsk State University.

In a year, the collection of articles devoted to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War was issued. This collection named “The Great Patriotic War in Our Destiny” consists of three parts. Its first part “The Victory Soldiers of the University of Polotsk” contains some additional material about the University lecturers and staff who took part in the Great Patriotic War. The second part named “Burnt Memory” is based on the recollections of those people whose childhood coincided with the horrors of war. The third part “The War in my Family’s Destiny” represents a cycle of the University’s lecturers, staff, and students’ stories about their nearest-and-dearests’ war trials. Y. F. Ignatenko’s pictures served as the illustrations to the book. These pictures were drawn by the veteran during the after-war period.

For her war-patriotic activity the head of the museum Tamara Grudnitskaya was awarded the medal “60 Years since the Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945.”

Since November, 2003 due to Tamara Grudnitskaya’s initiative the annual newsletter has been issued. The newsletter called “Memory” is very appreciated at the University by everybody. In March, 2004 in cooperation with the library there was created the electronic version of the manual on the history of education and enlightenment of Polotsk region. The structure of the created textual database reflects the periodization of the adopted system of education and enlightenment. The Museum’s work on storage and research is connected with the item’s value and material essence. In the main stock of the Museum there are 3644 items (on January 1, 2009). The Museum stock is divided into more than 20 sections. Among them: photo documents, graphics, documents, printing editions, manuscripts, archeology, etc. Among the items one can find very ancient documents, theses, and gadgets.

In April, 2008 359 books from the National Library arrived to the stock of the Museum of Science and Enlightenment of Polotsk Region. It consists of the numerous precious editions of the XIX-XX centuries on the Museum issues. Most of the books are related to the category of “rare books” – published before 1941.

The most numerous arrivals to the Museum stock – more than 26 000 receipts from radio stations of more than 100 countries of the world. There receipts were addressed to the radio station NPI UK 2 WAR.

The funds keeper of the Museum Marina Kuksyonok-Simonovich is responsible for the storage and research activities. All the items pass trough her hands before getting into the Museum. She registers the Museum items and looks after their safety in the Museum storage. The storage and research work is the basis for the development of show and educational spheres of activity.

Showing the items implies their preparation for the exhibition “From the First Year to Education, Science and Creativity”. Every year similar exhibition meets the newcomers and contributes to the predetermination of their future activities…

Within the bounds of the research work the Museum staff have offered the topics for the students’ course papers and diploma projects: “The Achievements of PSU Graduates”, “The Scholars-philosophers of PSU ” and others.

Tamara Grudnitskaya and Marina Kuksyonok-Simonovich do all their best to open a show room at University. This will give the opportunity to observe a long way that enlightenment has made in Polotsk region. But the opening of a show room can be possible only if every person at Polotsk State University contributes to its creation.