Полоцкий государственный университет


Official university anthem

Students` anthem

Every city has its official symbols that were carefully designed to show a unique character and to provide a worldwide recognition. Therefore, the symbols are of paramount importance to a certain culture and history.

The official symbols of Polotsk State University include a coat of arms and a flag. The University policy is that the official coat of arms and flag are the only approved marks for use across the entire University. These symbols are reserved for official use such as:

  • celebrations, international sessions, meetings and other events that are important for the University life
  • formal documents such as diplomas, certificates, scholarly papers, etc.
  • permanent identifying marks for souvenir items
  • Academic Council meetings

Nowadays PSU is one of the largest research and education centres in Vitebsk Region. In 1968 the branch of the Order of the Red Banner of Labour of Belarusian National Technical University was founded. Belarusian National Technical University was further transformed into Novopolotsk Polytechnic University in 1974 and Polotsk State University in 1993.

The recent design of these two university symbols was approved and adopted on January 25, 2008.

Flag of PSU

The flag incorporates the Polotsk State University Coats of Arms on a white field with two blue borders.

Blue signifies science and wisdom and also local oil and gas industry. White symbolizes purity of thoughts, aspiration for teaching and self-education.

PSU Coats of Arms

The University coat of arms has a hexangular shape with a picture of an open book placed inside.

The symbol of an open book represents a continuation of tradition in education. Euphrosyne of Polotsk, Francysk Skaryna and Simeon of Polotsk were the founders of those traditions. The inner book`s design includes the Polotsk Jesuit College representing the first higher education institution of Polotsk land.

The inscription written above the picture of Polotsk Jesuit College is as follows: “DOCENDO DISCIMUS”. The Latin phrase can be interpreted as a continuous self-education process. In 1581 a cornerstone laying ceremony of Polotsk Jesuit College was held. The hexagon is framed by blue border containing two inscriptions: “Полацкі дзяржаўны універсітэт” and “Polotsk State University”. The Belarusian variant of the inscription signifies close ties with the historical background, and in English it emphasizes a wide range of international relations.

On the top of the coat of arms there is a stylized silver crown with a golden finial inserted above. The joint of the crown and the finial makes cog representing The Faculty of Machine-Building – one of the first faculties in 1968.

The silver and gold colour combination corresponds to the interconnection of purity of thoughts with centuries-old education tradition of Polotsk land. The blue border indicates a benzene ring while the blue colour stands for gas networks.

The silver background reflects the University main idea relating to overcoming difficulties and a thirst for knowledge and inventions.