Полоцкий государственный университет


Qualification given – ‘Building Engineer’.

Graduates can be employed as engineers, adjustment and training engineers, foremen of construction and installation work.

Graduates can work at building contract and subcontract organizations, design organizations, and housing and communal services.

Types of graduates’ professional activity:

  • Design and research work
  • Industrial-engineering
  • Repair and operational
  • Organizational and managerial
  • Social and ecological
  • Innovative

Practical training: Work experience - geodetic (1st Year), geological (2nd Year), hydrometric (2nd Year); field experience - technological (3rd Year), engineering (5th Year), pregraduation – (5th Year).

Additional information (participation in conferences, trainings abroad, research work):

The Department encourage students to do research according to the agreements. Students are either paid for their work (in this case the working hours are fixed), or carry out their research without being paid (in their free time). Every year students take part in the University Research Conference. The best reports are recommended for the participation in the National Contest of Students’ Research. Every year many students are awarded the highest prizes of the National Contest.

Main disciplines:

1st Year

Belarusian History, Belarusian Ideology, Belarusian, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Theoretical Mechanics, Foundations of the Environmental Science, IT, Descriptive Geometry and Computer Graphics, Engineering Surveying, PE

2nd Year

Mathematics, Physics, IT, Strength of Materials and Elasticity Theory, Hydraulics, Hydrology, Channels Hydrometry, Road Pedology and Road Bed Mechanics, Electrical Engineering and Electrical Equipment, Road-building Materials and Products, Roadside Objects Architecture, PE

3rd Year

Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Strength of Materials and Elasticity Theory, Structural Mechanics, Labor Protection, Protection of Population and Objects from Emergency Situations, Radiation Safety, Designing of Motor Roads, Motor Roads CAD, Road-building Materials and Products, Building Constructions of Traffic Facilities, Road-making and Construction Machinery, Sectoral Ecology, PE

4th Year

Theory of Psychology and Pedagogic, Study of Culture, Ethics, Theory of Law, Religious Studies, Theory of Management of Intellectual Property, Theory of Energy Saving, State System of the Road Works Quality Ensuring, Designing of Motor Roads, Motor Roads CAD, Motor Roads Building, Motor Roads Diagnostics, Bedding and Foundation of Traffic Facilities, Industrial Engineering, Road Economy, Bridges and Roads Facilities, Special Course of Engineering Surveying, City Roads and Streets, Theory of Management, Theory of Marketing, PE

5th Year

Particular Questions of Motor Roads Designing, Manufacturing Enterprises of Roads Sector, Motor Roads Maintenance, Organization and Security of Road Traffic; Organization, Planning, and Management on the Sphere of Road Building, Maintenance of Traffic Facilities, Motor Roads Reconstruction, Accounting and Reporting in Roads Organizations, Landscape Designing, Motor Roads Reliability