Polotsk State University is publishing a Call for Enrolment to Master’s Degree Programmes for foreign citizens - Полоцкий государственный университет имени Евфросинии Полоцкой
Polotsk State University attaches particular importance to the strengthening and development of international cooperation with near and far-abroad countries in the field of highly qualified specialists training. The University makes every effort to ensure the high quality of training.

Graduation of Masters at Polotsk State University

Graduation of Masters at PSU Graduation of Masters at PSU Graduation of Masters at PSU
Foreign citizens, including the citizens of the People's Republic of China, studying at the second stage of higher education at Polotsk State University are guaranteed to get a high quality training based on the following principles of the educational process:
  • the most qualified scientists and teachers from among the teaching staff of the University are involved in the educational process and supervision of the Master's thesis for foreign citizens. Academic staff working with foreign citizens has a sufficient level of English proficiency
  • annually by the beginning of the academic year all educational materials together with program documentation (including English language resources) are reviewed and updated considering the specifics of foreign citizens training. Appropriate additions and changes are introduced to the syllabus as well
  • graduate student and their supervisor choose a Master's thesis topic according to the scientific interests and characteristics of the professional activity of a foreign citizen in the country of their permanent residence
  • the scientific and methodological support of the educational process is carried out on regular basis. Each academic discipline (e-learning course) of the curriculum is included into the e-learning system administered by PSU academic staff. The e-learning course is divided into modules. Each module contains: study materials (texts and lecture presentations, articles, videos); mandatory tasks (skills simulators, cases, creative tasks, projects, laboratory research, guidelines for self-study); knowledge control (surveys, tests, projects and laboratory research defense)
  • the scientific library of Polotsk State University provides access to the University and external information resources necessary both for the organization of training and research activities for the preparation of a Master's thesis
  • during the educational process each foreign citizen is paid an individual attention, including the possibility to have additional supervision. Foreign citizens have the possibility of unlimited communication with their teachers via email, chat or forum based on Microsoft Teams platform
Foreign students of Polotsk University Foreign students of Polotsk University

Foreign students of Polotsk University

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