International Forum "Mathematical methods and models in High-tech production" - Полоцкий государственный университет имени Евфросинии Полоцкой
In early November, an online International Forum "Mathematical Methods and Models in High-tech production" was held. The co-organizer of the conference within the framework of the agreement on cooperation was Polotsk State University together with the International and Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Public Associations, the Institute of Mathematics of Burgundy, the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
The aim of the conference is to exchange experience about innovations in information technology, modern methods of mathematical designing and intelligent systems in high-tech production in theoretical and applied aspects, including automation of industrial facilities, data protection methods, educational technologies.
The academic staff of Polotsk State University also was an active participant of the forum.
Particular interest was aroused around the work of Professor S. Ekhilevskij, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences O. Golubeva and E. Potapenko "Theoretical and probabilistic approach to modeling the dynamics of carbon dioxide chemisorption".
The scientists of Polotsk State University V. Chertkov, R. Bogush and postgraduate student of the Department of Computing Systems and Networks E. Adamovskij proposed a new simulation model for building a radio environment map in their work "Analysis of methods of forming a radio environment map for a cognitive communication system based on LTE". Based on the results, a series of articles has been prepared for publication in scientific journals indexed in Scopus.
O. Golubeva, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Polotsk State University), V. Kurlov, Candidate of Technical Sciences (St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation), and students of Polotsk State University, E. Garist and P. Siniak presented the experience of developing a software and hardware VR (virtual reality) simulator for practicing human behavior skills in emergency situations in their joint work "Software and hardware complex based on virtual reality technologies for developing behavior skills in emergency situations".
The work "Optimization of the search for technical solutions related to labour and environmental protection" presents an algorithm for finding the optimal technological process based on the application of graph theory. The research was presented by Candidate of Technical Sciences V. Dronchenko, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences O. Golubeva and V. Struk.
The work of Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences V. Vakulchik, and Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences A. Matelenok "Compilation of private algorithms as a methodological means of forming heuristic activity of students while studying in technical specialties" was presented in the section "Innovative methods and technologies of teaching disciplines of physical and mathematical profile”.
Thanks a lot to the organizers of the forum for creating a platform for successful joint activities of scientists, specialists and young researchers.

Matelenok A.P., Senior Lecturer of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Security