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PSU against Drugs!

PSU against Drugs!
In 1987 the UN General Assembly proclaimed the 1st of March as the Interna-tional Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Today, drug addiction has affected all countries over the world. The number of drug users exceeds 200 million people. Currently, in the Republic of Belarus there are more than 15 thousand patients, who use narcotic drugs, and they are under the supervi-sion of psychiatrists and expert in narcology.
Today Polotsk State University joined the national flash mob "Belarus against Drugs!" Students actively share their hobbies on social networks, setting the necessary example for their environment!

PSU joined the national flash mob "Belarus against Drugs!"

flash mob Belarus against Drugs! flash mob Belarus against Drugs! flash mob Belarus against Drugs!
In February, special meetings were held with specialists: the head of the de-partment for drug control and combating human trafficking of the criminal po-lice of Novopolotsk City Department of Internal Affairs D. Anisko, the psy-chologist of the Psychoneurologic dispensary of Novopolotsk G. Baranchuk, the psychologist of the Center for Youth Wellness "Dialog" of Novopolotsk O. Tochilo.
Preventive measures are planned in student dormitories in March.
We choose a life without drugs!
Flash mob Belarus against Drugs!

Flash mob "Belarus against Drugs!"

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Photo: Daria Mozolenko