RADIUM Project - Полоцкий государственный университет имени Евфросинии Полоцкой

In January 2020, Belarusian State University hosted a planning meeting for RADIUM project coordinators. RADIUM is an Erasmus+ project aimed at promoting qualified education in Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Culture in the Republic of Belarus. The RADIUM consortium consists of four EU universities and six universities of the Republic of Belarus among which is Polotsk State University.

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As a project partner, the PSU team headed by Senior Lecturer Evgenia Borovkova includes lecturers-developers of the Department of Physics and the Department of Power Engineering and Electronics (Faculty of Computer Science and Electronics).

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The RADIUM project is aimed at designing and implementing a new and unique Master Program “Nuclear Safety”, in cooperation with EU partners – the University of Bologna (Italy), Polytechnical University of Valencia (Spain), Hasselt University (Belgium), the University of Mannheim (Germany). It aims to train the academic staff in Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Culture. The training is conducted in both Russian and English. Besides, student and staff mobility is also presupposed by the master program.

Evgenia Borovkova says: “The first group of master students will have enrolled at BSU by 2022. Master students will study at six partner universities of Belarus. According to the approved curriculum, master students will study at Polotsk State University during their third term.

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In their turn, the PSU participants have worked on the syllabus and curriculum, analysed and selected the proper lab equipment, created and promoted networking opportunities between EU universities and those of the Republic of Belarus”.

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The RADIUM partners note that they have a challenging but very useful and urgent task to stay effective, interesting, and up-to-date in teaching.

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