FCE - Полоцкий государственный университет имени Евфросинии Полоцкой
The Faculty of Civil Engineering unites everyone who wants to improve ecological and urban systems, make the environment harmonious and comfortable for living.
We teach students and carry our research in civil and industrial engineering. Our developments and experience are used for installing the key buildings and complexes of the country.
We strive to make the surroundings more comfortable and beautiful. Ideas of both students and teachers of the faculty are widely used in the university design as well as in local and regional architecture.
We care for sustainable development of urban and ecological systems and long not for simply changing the world around us, but for making it in an environment-friendly way.
Major research areas
  • evaluation of the technical condition, reconstruction/reinforcement of building and structures in use
  • development and improvement of methods of building constructions analysis
  • historical aspects and peculiarities of the modern development of regional architecture, town planning and Vitebsk region art
  • efficient eco-friendly terminal insulating materials made of vegetable origin products
  • energy and resource saving technology of recycling heat-power engineering industry waste for producing building materials
  • reduction of the environmental load by utilizing sulfur left after petroleum sulfur removal, obtaining sulfur concrete and its processing into final products
  • control of structure formation of artificial conglomerates
  • energy saving microclimate systems of buildings and constructions using renewable energy sources, local and secondary energy sources
  • optimization of heat supply systems at concrete products enterprises for reducing primary fuel expenses
  • eco-friendly methods and technological ways of water purification with complex waste composition



  • Construction of Buildings and Structures
    • Water Supply, Water Disposal Systems and Water Conservation
    • Innovative Construction Materials and Technologies
    • Building Structures
    • Construction and Exploitation of Gas and Oil Pipelines, and Gas and Oil Storages
    • Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Pollution Control


  • Constructions and Buildings
  • Construction Materials and Products
  • Heat Supply, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Gas Supply and Electricity
  • Technology and Organization of Building


  • Computer-aided Design and Management in Construction
  • Civil and Industrial Engineering
  • Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Protection