ELECTRIC POWER SUPPLY - Полоцкий государственный университет
Electric power supply
Qualification given: power engineer
Study period: full-time – 4 years, part-time – 4 years
Electricity is an essential part of our life. Proper operation of enterprises, hospitals, educational institutions, agriculture and community facilities depends on sustainable power supply. That’s why the specialists who design, create and support electric supply systems are always in demand.
This course prepares energy specialists for working in the spheres of generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electric power. Students learn the structures of high and low-voltage electrical installations, subtransmission networks, step-down and distribution substations.
You will learn
  • to design certain high and low-voltage power supply elements and installations
  • to install, adjust, test, repair, and support electric power objects
  • to run technological procedures and electric power supply subdivisions
  • to develop new electrical appliances
  • to implement energy-saving technology and equipment
  • to improve energy sources utilization efficiency
You can work at ?
  • main power-supply organizations
  • power stations and electric utilities
  • central and local, industrial and dispatching departments
  • installation, repair, adjustment, project and research organizations
  • higher education institutions, specialized secondary educational establishments, vocational colleges
  • Structural Materials
  • Electrotechnical Materials
  • Basic Electrical Engineering Theory
  • Electric Power Production
  • Electric Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Energy Carriers Production and Distribution Systems
  • Electricity Users
  • Power Supply Systems
  • Electrical Machines
  • Electrical Illumination
  • Insulators and Power Surges
  • Electromagnetic Transients
  • Installation, Exploitation and Adjustment of Electrical Equipment
  • Relay Protection and Automatics of Power Supply Systems