RADIO ENGINEERING - Полоцкий государственный университет
Radio engineering
Qualification given: electronic engineer
Study period: full-time – 4 years
Satellite communication, navigation, wireless data transmission – all these technologies are based on achievements in the sphere of radio engineering. Thanks to radioelectronic devices and systems we can form, transfer, process, and extract data and energy online, even being far away from each other.
Radio Engineering specialty trains engineers in the spheres of design, development and exploitation of different computer appliances such as cellular network, telecommunications, the Internet, and information systems. Students learn the key principles of development of radioelectronic devices, theory of data processing and filtration, theory of microcontrollers and digital signal processing circuits programming. They also know principles, methods, and ways of technical information protection.
You will learn
  • to use data visualization methods
  • to utilize industrial software for calculating, analysis and optimization of programmable radio electronic devices and digital communication systems
  • to apply digital signal processing algorithms
  • to understand principles of designing programmable radio electronic devices and digital communication systems
You can work at ?
  • radio- and tool engineering enterprises
  • process control systems automation departments
  • Hi-Tech Park companies
  • enterprises working on the problem of vehicular radio communication, surveillance equipment, and guard of establishments’ vital areas
  • enterprises working on the development and maintenance of navigation, location and communication systems
  • computer, newsgathering and telecommunication organizations
  • firms and companies developing new information technologies and data security software and hardware tools
  • research laboratories and information security assessment departments
  • Metrology and Radio Metering
  • Introduction to Matrix Analysis
  • Data Coding Theory
  • Electric Power Conversion Devices
  • Algorithmization and Programming
  • Business and Law in Radio Rngineering
  • Information Security
  • Radio Engineering Circuits and Signals
  • Analog Circuit Design
  • Analog Integrated Circuit Design
  • Methods and Ways of Protection of Audio and Video Recordings
  • Telecommunication Systems and Networks
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Data Transmission Systems and Networks
  • Data Protection in Computer Networks
  • Signal Processors and Design of Programmable Digital Devices
  • Signal Conditioning in Digital Radio Communication
  • Radio Receivers
  • Software Engineering and Information Systems
  • Network Analysis
  • Electrodynamics and Radio Propagation
  • Robot Software
  • Antennas
  • Radio Automation
  • Design of Radio Electronic Facilities
  • Radio Engineering Systems
  • Audio and Video Recordings Protection
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility