ACCOUNTING, ANALYSIS AND AUDIT - Полоцкий государственный университет имени Евфросинии Полоцкой
Accounting, analysis and audit
Accounting, analysis and audit
Department of Business Accounting and Audit, Logistics and Management

Qualification given: economist
Study period: full-time – 4 years, part-time – 3 years 5 months
Intelligent cash flow management is the key to the effective work of any organization and economy in general. Auditor’s ability to analyse financial data and use it to make projections influences economic and management decisions at all levels inside companies, corporations and governments. Auditors bring a benefit not only to the state and private businesses but to the whole society also.
The speciality trains not simply technical specialists but progressively thinking professionals of a new generation. Students get deep training in the spheres of accounting, the fundamentals of analysis, audit, statistics, finances and economics. Besides, they improve their communicative and leadership skills. After four years of studying the graduates have all the necessary knowledge and skills allowing them to solve complicated financial tasks and to participate in sustained economic development.
You will learn
Accounting, analysis and audit
  • to apply the key concepts and methods of accounting
  • to arrange financial and material resources among the companies in the sphere of economics and among the departments of certain companies
  • to apply modern software for financial data processing
  • to do financial accounting according to the list of international financial reporting standards
  • to prepare additional information for the certain financial accounting indicators
  • to carry out financial analysis and know how to analyse profitability of vendors, products, clients, trade channels, and business unities in general
  • to understand the role of accounting information in making strategic management decisions
  • to carry out audit of financial reports according to international standards on auditing
You can work
  • accounting (CFO – chief financial officer)
  • analysis sphere (financial analyst, risks manager, financial planner)
  • audit sphere (certified auditor, forensic accountant)
  • consulting
  • tax sphere (tax consultant)
  • statistics sphere

Accounting, analysis and audit
  • Theoretical Basics of Accounting and Analysis
  • Industrial Accounting
  • Integrated Business Analysis
  • Conceptual Framework for International Financial Reporting Standards
  • International Financial Reporting Standards
  • International Standards on Auditing
  • Auditing: A Practical Approach
  • Industrial Management Accounting
  • Taxes and Taxation System
  • Accounting, Analysis and Audit Software