Economics - Полоцкий государственный университет имени Евфросинии Полоцкой
Specialisation: Analytical Economics and Economic Policy
Academic degree: MSc
Study period: full-time - 1 year, part-time - 1 year and 6 months
The program is aimed at providing students with deep knowledge of the information environment structure and economic relations. It is focused on teaching modern economic theories, developing quantitative analysis skills and explaining how economists can use them in real-life situations.
A Master in economics is highly applicable to many fields and increases career opportunities. Upon completion of the course graduates will be able to analyze the processes of economic development, objectively evaluate their positive and negative consequences as well as predict business development and economic growth as a whole.
You will learn
  • to employ methodologies and techniques needed to the analysis and research in the fields of theoretical and applied economics
  • to analyze constantly changing environment of government bodies, as well as enterprises and organizations of all economy sectors
  • to solve problems in new or unfamiliar environments within broader contexts related to their area of economic
  • to choose adequate instruments to pursuing the study of economics at the PhD level
Career fields
  • risk management and investment
  • analysing the market, production and pricing in companies
  • assessment and planning of economic policy, and communication
  • career as an economist in government, business, national and international organizations, financial institutions and central banks

  • Pedagogy and Psychology of Higher School
  • Econometrics
  • Creative Management
  • Entrepreneurial Behavior
  • Globalization and Development of National Trade
  • Modern Issues of Innovative Economics Development