Awarding of Diplomas to the New Masters - Полоцкий государственный университет имени Евфросинии Полоцкой
The graduation of masters at Euphrosyne Polotskaya State University of Polotsk is always a special event!
Awarding of diplomas to the new masters

Awarding of diplomas to the new masters
30 citizens of the People's Republic of China received a diploma of completion of the 2 stage of higher education with a master's degree:

Faculty of Humanities
  • Theory and Methods of Education and Upbringing (by fields and levels of education) with specialization Pedagogical psychology
  • Theory and Methods of Education and Upbringing (by fields and levels of education) with the specialization Russian as a foreign language

Faculty of Law
  • Jurisprudence with specialization International business law and digital technologies

Faculty of Finance and Economics
  • Economics with specialization Analytical economics and economic policy

Faculty of Computer Science and Electronics
  • Electrical Power Industry and Electrical Engineering
The diplomas to the new masters were awarded by the Vice-rector for Academic Affairs Yurij Golubev: ‘I'm glad to see everyone on this momentous day, when we see the masters off into professional life. This is an important step, but I wish you not to stop there. The competencies that you have acquired in the process of studying for a master's degree will allow you to move on. And let there be as few barriers and obstacles on your way as possible! We hope that our university, city and country will leave only the best impressions. We are waiting for you again!’
Yurij Golubev Irina Vegera

Yurij Golubev (photo 1). Irina Vegera (photo 2)
The ceremony was also attended by the Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs Irina Buraia, Head of the Educational and Methodological Department Olga Romanova, deans of faculties, heads of graduate departments, scientific supervisors of undergraduates.
Dean of the Faculty of Law Irina Vegera and Head of the Department of Power Engineering and Electronics Dmitrij Dovgialo congratulated the graduates.

Irina Vegera: ‘Dear students and colleagues, I’m honored to give you a farewell speech from our university today. We appreciated the time that we’ve spent together. I bring you the best wishes. Graduation ceremony is one of the most important and memorable events in anybody’s life. This event tells that you are ready to begin a new step in your life. I hope that the diploma you receive today will help you to develop yourself and to bring you closer to your goals. Congratulations!
Awarding of diplomas Awarding of diplomas

Awarding of diplomas to the new masters
A graduate of the Faculty of Humanities, Master Wu Tongqian, spoke with words of gratitude on behalf of the undergraduates to the university, the teaching staff: ‘First of all, congratulations to all the students who graduated with master’s diplomas today. I’m grateful to be part of this ceremony. I got acquainted with this university coincidentally, when I was searching for the universities online. Then I learned that Polotsk State University has a very long history and cultural heritage. And at the same time it has good ranking and reputation in Belarus. I want sincerely thank my supervisor, our lecturers, I will not forget you. I’m happy to have this opportunity in my life to have connection with this country. I wish everyone good luck! Thank you!
Awarding of diplomas Awarding of diplomas

Awarding of diplomas to the new masters