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Forensic expert and investigator are not easy professions, but interesting in their own way. What is the work of such specialists? Answers to this and other questions were given at a meeting of forensic experts and investigators of the Novopolotsk region with students of the Polotsk State University within the framework of the scientific circle "Methods of Investigation of Certain Types of Crimes". The scientific circle brought together the third-year students of the Faculty of Law specializing in "Judicial, prosecutorial and investigative activities" who want to be engaged in scientific activities.
Taking into account the interests of students, the state forensic expert of Novopolotsk interdistrict Department of the State Committee of Forensic Examinations Maksim Kokoshko and the senior investigator of the Novopolotsk State Committee Mikhail Kukshtel held a lesson on the topic "Inspection of the Accident Scene".

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The guests told about the specifics of the work during the inspection of the accident scene, its aims and objectives, the crime scene investigation team, including the duties and powers of a specialist during the inspection of the accident scene. The investigator explained the procedure for processing documents. The forensic expert demonstrated a forensic suitcase, told in detail about the use of scientific and technical means contained in it, as well as about the forensic types of examinations conducted in the Vitebsk region, their capabilities and features.
Guests gave examples of positive experience of the participation of specialists in the inspection of the accident scene, which influenced the disclosure of crimes.
Future lawyers listened to the experts with great interest and asked questions.
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Forensic suitcase
These lectures helped students not only to learn a lot of interesting things about the activities of the departments of the State Committee of Forensic Examinations and the Investigative Committee, but also made them think about their profession. It is possible that in the future some of them will choose the profession of a forensic expert or investigator.

Remneva Tatiana, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Criminal Law and Criminalistics
Maksim Kokoshko, state forensic expert