Soft Skills Courses for Postgraduate Students - Полоцкий государственный университет имени Евфросинии Полоцкой
In order to successfully build a career and increase competitiveness in the labor market, a modern highly qualified specialist needs to improve not only professional, but also non-specialized, Soft Skills.
In frames of the project “Modernization of Doctoral Education in Science and Improvement of Teaching Methodologies” (MODEST) of the Erasmus+ program, the following courses were held in the spring semester for postgraduate students of the University:
  1. Research Methodology
  2. Personal Development
  3. Project Management
  4. Data Analysis
Занятия с аспирантами
As part of the course “Research Methodology” with the professor of the Department of Automobiles Vladimir Ivanov, postgraduate students reviewed the basics of the scientific knowledge methodology and certification of scientific personnel, studied the structure of the thesis and the characteristics of its elements, and also got acquainted with the important components of preparing a thesis abstract, scientific publications based on the thesis and, no less important, discussed rules of the thesis public defense.
Курс Методология научного исследования
The course “Personal Development” under the guidance of the professor of the Department of Technology and Teaching Methods Irina Andreeva allowed postgraduate students to lay the foundations for their emotional intelligence development, to get acquainted with the phenomenon of stress from the point of view of science and methods of managing it. An important component of the course was the study of the technology of setting and choosing goals, methods of decision-making and time management.
Курс Личностное развитие
Postgraduate students mastered the project approach in the online course “Project Management” guided by Chief Specialist in International Projects and Programs Sergey Peshkun. Postgraduate students got acquainted with the advantages of project work, studied the composition and structure of the project cycle, as well as the rules and principles for preparing a project application.
The cycle of studies finished with the course “Data Analysis” of the Associate Professor of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Security Skoromnik Oksana. Postgraduate students considered and mastered the methods of collecting and processing of statistical data, substantiating the confirmation or refutation of examined hypotheses, and analyzed main mistakes in statistical processing of quantitative information.
Курс Анализ данных Аспирант Тихон Е.
Anastasia Vashchenko, a postgraduate student of the specialty Economics and national economy: «Working on a thesis is a fascinating, exciting task, but at the same time it is complex and requires constant supply of ideas, information, research methods, emotional and psychological stability. These courses became an opportunity for me to look at the thesis problem from a different angle and helped me find specific mathematical tools for studying economic problems.»
Irina Tetereva, a postgraduate student of the specialty Economics and national economy: «I liked the courses. The training program was chosen well, all the topics of the classes found a response in my scientific work. I especially noted the importance of the course “Research Methodology”, which reveals the basic requirements for writing the thesis, necessary for its successful defense».
Elena Tikhon, a postgraduate student of the specialty Technology and equipment for mechanical, physical and technical processing: “Profitability and importance of the classes with the postgraduate students for me consisted in a detailed presentation of the procedure for a thesis defending, advice on writing a thesis abstract and searching for scientific literature, as well as tips on the independent development of the emotional intelligence of a postgraduate student.”
Vladislav Khvatynets, a postgraduate student of the specialty Construction materials and products: «The courses were very useful for the development of my competencies, and also very timely, since I am completing my thesis and knowledge of preparing a thesis abstract, the rules of the thesis public defense and time management skills are relevant to me».
Positive feedback from graduate students confirms effectiveness of the courses and the prospects for their subsequent implementation for the training of highly qualified specialists.

Aliaksandr Yemialyanau