STIMEY-DAY IN BELARUS - Полоцкий государственный университет имени Евфросинии Полоцкой

As in all partner countries (Germany, Finland, Spain, Greece), the Days of STIMEY were held April 24-25 in Belarus. This is the time when schoolchildren have the opportunity to meet researchers, find out more news about STIMEY, test new elements of the platform, and share their comments and creative ideas. This is a good opportunity for further development and improvement of the platform. In Belarus, 30 students from the secondary school No. 18 of the city of Polotsk took part in testing creativity. For each age group of children their own object and process were used. It was entertaining and interesting. There were many creative and functional ideas. The children were acquainted with the platform, tested its tools. Svetlana Ostapchuk, Tatsyana Gluhava and Alena Patapava were asked a lot of questions about the platform, its elements and future meetings.

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About 30 upper secondary students from school No. 18 (Polotsk) took part in Hackathon. Students had to solve a problem that was relevant for both the city and the country as a whole. The problem offered to the students by the presenter Alena Patapava  was: "Pollution of water with plastic." Solving this problem required a serious and at the same time creative approach.

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High secondary students guided by the first-year students from group 2018 EL coped with the task, presented their ideas in the form of diagrams and drawings. The results were concrete proposals and a whole range of measures to eliminate the problem.

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The purpose of such entrepreneurial tool is to develop business ideas, an ability to work in a team and implement ideas with the help of experts and experienced entrepreneurs, which is part of the training STIMEY platform.

The students were divided into several groups, each of which worked on its own approach to solving the problem. Some vital and useful information prepared by Yana Potoyalo and Svetlana Ostapchuk was given to them. The university students were facilitators in each group and gave a helping hand and offered different ways of improving the situation.  The projects were presented and evaluated by the jury. It was exciting, and the students liked it!

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The presentation of the projects was limited in time, time management was Tatsana Gluhava’s responsibility as the secretary of the event. The students did not really like it, as they were so passionate about their work, they wanted to talk about the solution of the problem endlessly, but Hackathon is a tournament and all the rules are to be followed.

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This day was fascinating, interesting and full of information! Sunny weather, high motivation of the students and good mood made this day unforgettable!

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Yana Potoyala
Svetlana Ostapchuk