Department of Technology and Equipment of Machine-building Industry - Полоцкий государственный университет имени Евфросинии Полоцкой

Department of Technology and Equipment of Machine-building Industry

Department of Technology and Equipment of Machine-building Industry


Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

Master’s Degree Programmes

Postgraduate Education

  • 05.02.08 Machine Building Technology
  • 05.02.07 Technology and Equipment for Mechanical, Physical and Technical Processing


  • 7223-086 Turner
  • 7223-053 Operator of machine tools with software control

Scientific Activities

Scientific fields

  • systematization of machine-building products and their surfaces according to structural, technological and functional characteristics
  • substantiation of generalized indicators of the degree of complexity of products and mobility of production
  • modeling of a technological systemincluding the organizational, technological and physical characteristics of production
  • investigation of kinematic and geometric and physical characteristics of the cutting process and ion beam processing of hard processed materials
  • development of an automated design system for multifunctional modular technological equipment
  • systems and synthesis of forming processing methods in mechanical engineering
  • improving the operational characteristics of technological equipment

Students’ scientific clubs

  • Development and research of block-modular cutting tools
  • Ionplasma processing of materials
  • Technology of production of modern tools

Seminars, conferences, exhibitions held by the department

  • International Scientific and Technical Conference «Innovative Technologies in Mechanical Engineering»

Branches of the Department

  • Republican Innovative Unitary Enterprise «Scientific and Technological Park of Polotsk State University»

International Partnership

  • Zhytomyr State Technological University (Zhytomyr, Ukraine)
  • Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov (Severodvinsk, Russia)