FMT - Полоцкий государственный университет имени Евфросинии Полоцкой
The Faculty of Mechanics and Technology combines theory and practice, allowing any student and teacher to develop their abilities.
We believe in science and the ability of engineers to solve important world problems. We constantly carry out research and introduce the results into the work of regional enterprises.
We inspire students to think outside the box and create a spirit of healthy competition and creative search in our labs and lecture halls. We are sure to breed the new generation of engineers who can stay flexible in rapidly changing times.
We are proud of being situated in the industrial centre of Belarus and the ability to train unique specialists for the region, country and foreign countries. Our best practices are interesting for international prospective students and partners. Internationality is an extra driver inspiring and stimulating us for future discoveries.
Major research areas
  • Scientific and technological basics of high-speed and high-precision processes, engineering tools and processing instruments
  • Development of the scientific basics of the technology of generation and regulation of sorbent qualities for petroleum products adsorption refining
  • Development of the scientifically grounded ways of sound management of waste, petrochemistry and petroleum refining co-products
  • Improvement of the labour and industrial safety management systems at petroleum refining enterprises
  • Development of scientifically grounded ways of sound management of natural cellulose and lignin-containing waste
  • Scientific basics of quality and efficiency of car maintenance
  • Issues of sustainable functioning of major pipeline transport and petroleum and gas storage and distribution

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

Master’s Degree Programmes

Postgraduate Education

  • Materials Science in Machine-Building
  • Labour Safety (Fuel and Chemical Industry)
  • Processes and Devices in Chemical Technologies
  • Construction and Exploitation of Oil and Gas Pipelines, Bases and Storages
  • Technology and Equipment for Mechanical, Physical and Technical Processing
  • Machine Building Technology
  • Chemical Technology of Fuels and High-Energy Substances
  • Exploitation of Motor Transport

Continuing Education

  • Machines and Apparatuses of Refinery and Petrochemical Plants
  • Equipment and Technology of Welding Production
  • Occupational Health and Safety in Petrochemical Oil Processing Enterprises
  • Designing and Operation of Gas Pipelines
  • Designing, Construction and Repair of Oil Pipelines, Gas Pipelines and Gas-, Oil storages
  • Building and Operation of Gas Pipelines
  • Technology of Petroleum and Gas Processing
Alexander Dudan
Alexander Dudan
Sergey Portyanko
Sergey Portyanko
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Address: 29 Blokhin Street,
211440 Novopolotsk, Room 223
Vitebsk region, Belarus
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