Department of Automobiles - Полоцкий государственный университет имени Евфросинии Полоцкой

Department of Automobiles

kafedra avtomobilnogo transporta


Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

  • 1-37 01 06-01 Vehicle Maintenance (majors in)
  • 1-44 01 02 Road Traffic Engineering
  • 1-37 01 07 Auto Service
  • 1-36 01 06 The Equipment and Technology of Welding Manufacture

Master’s Degree Programmes

Postgraduate Education

  • 05.22.10 Exploitation of Motor Transport
  • 05.16.09 Materials Science in Machine-Building


  • 1-36 01 72 The Equipment and Technology of Welding Manufacture

Scientific Activities

Scientific fields

  • Technological preparation of repair manufacturing with the development of the theory of synthesis of its processes and means of technological equipment
  • Development of technological principles of the restoration and consolidation of tribocoupling by coating and tribomechanical modification
  • Selection and development of coating materials used for application to recoatable surfaces
  • Technical diagnostics of machine units with an assessment of their residual life

Students’ scientific clubs

  • Student group "Car diagnostics"

Seminars, conferences, exhibitions held by the department

  • Annual student scientific conference of Polotsk State University in the following fields: Mechanical engineering. Mechanics of cars. Reliability and safety of technical systems. Transport, construction of roads and transport facilities.

Branches of the Department

  • branch of "Polotsk Bus Depot No. 2" Public Joint Stock Company "Vitsebskoblavtotrans" - branch of "Novopolotsk Automobile Operating Company No.6" Public Joint Stock Company "Vitsebskoblavtotrans"
  • Closed Joint Stock Company "Soligorsk Institute of Resources Saving Problems with Pilot Production"