TRADITIONS - Полоцкий государственный университет имени Евфросинии Полоцкой




The modern history of Polotsk State University starts in 1968. 10 years earlier, a new major centre of the petrochemical industry – Novopolotsk appeared next to the historical Polotsk. The young and perspective town with one of the largest European petroleum refining enterprises needed specialists with higher education. First of all, it lacked engineers, chemists-technologists, chemical enterprise mechanics, builders, and machine builders.

The Novopolotsk branch of Belarusian Polytechnic Institute was established for training such specialists. It progressed very fast, and in 1974 became a separate Novopolotsk Polytechnic Institute. The entire scientific schools from many industrial centres of the Soviet Union were invited here to develop new technology for enterprises.

The energy, competence, and courage of scientists and teachers were enough to make the Institute a large centre for training unique engineers, and for developing the humanities school, which the region also needed. Soon it became clear that the Polytechnic Institute was to change. In 1993 it was reorganized into Polotsk State University, a classic European-type university.


Despite the new University campuses being located in Novopolotsk, the title “Polotsk State University” wasn't just a blind pick. Polotsk is a city famous for centuries-long traditions in education. Here in 1581, the Jesuit College was created. It soon became the centre of enlightenment and culture. The level of education there was very high and in 1812 Polotsk Jesuit Academy was found on its basis. It was the first higher educational institution on the territory of the modern Republic of Belarus.

Since that moment the Academy went through lots of transformations and was even closed for some time. However, the strong traditions in education couldn't vanish. Polotsk State University became their successor and restored the university status of the region.

Transfer of the historical campuses of the former Jesuit College to PSU became another landmark event. Their restoration was finished in 2005 and new students went through its doors again. Higher education returned to where it started.



The clock with an academic march

Every hour in the inner yard of the former Polotsk college you can hear an international student's hymn Gaudeamus and the official hymn of Polotsk State University. Figures of honourable historical people appear under the clock-face to the music.

Write yourself into history


The solemn ceremony of freshmen registration is a tradition that goes as far back as Polotsk Jesuit College. At the beginning of the academic year, new students go through the rector entrance and leave their signatures in a book "Polotsk State University".




Each Wednesday in the middle of the workday live music is played inside the university campus. Half an hour of wonderful relaxation with fragrant tea and a repertoire from classical to modern.

Krynitsa Vedau

Every year, the university hosts a special award ceremony for achievements in various spheres of university life. The red carpet, the festive concert, and the awarding of the nominees make the event bright and memorable

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Student construction brigades

The University continues the long-standing traditions of the student construction brigades movement. Every year, the construction brigades "Evrica" and "Zodchie" collect the largest number of awards in competitions among the student construction brigades of Belarus.


One of the most remarkable events of spring is the festival of colourful umbrellas. The holiday is followed by various entertainments prepared specially for students, teachers of the university and guests of the city.


Open-air for graduates

It is good not only to keep traditions but also to create new ones. The open-air festival for graduates is likely to get to the list of favourite and most anticipated summer events.