Acquaintance with freshmen - Полоцкий государственный университет имени Евфросинии Полоцкой
Polotsk State University once again congratulates all first-year students on the beginning of a new stage in life!
Today, students of the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Civil Engineering, and the Faculty of Computer Science and Electronics, will see their rooms in the university dormitories. In addition, the students are waiting for organizational meetings of faculties, where they will get acquainted with their deans.
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Acquaintance with freshmen
We managed to communicate with the first-year students, who were happy to share their impressions!
Valeria Lilik, specialty Logistics of the Faculty of Finance and Economics: 'I chose Polotsk State University purposefully. Having been here at the open day, I have already managed to feel this atmosphere. All the students were friendly, answered all the questions with enthusiasm. I expect only good things from studying here!'

Valeria Lilik
Yulia Klimenok, specialty Architecture of the Faculty of Civil Engineering:: 'I was sure that I would go to PSU. My parents studied here, and according to their stories, the university not only has a pleasant atmosphere, but everyone has their own approach to students. Since childhood, I have wished to connect my life with architecture, so I want to start studying as soon as possible. I have already met some of my groupmates, and I expect that studying will only be a joy!'

Yulia Klimenok
Artem Minovich, specialty Design and Manufacture of Software-Controlled Electronic Devices of the Faculty of Computer Science and Electronics: 'I am always into physics and mathematics direction, that's why I chose this specialty. I expect that student life will be rich, positive and fun. I would like to take an active part in student events. Well, most of all I want to get a Nominal Scholarship!

Artem Minovich
We wish you success! And we are sure that your wishes will come true!